Climate activist Luisa Neubauer has accused Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) of comparing “climate activists with Nazis”. In doing so, he put the Nazi regime into perspective, “and in a paradoxical way also the climate crisis,” wrote Neubauer on Twitter on Sunday evening.

“He stylizes climate protection as an ideology with parallels to the Nazi regime. In 2022. Jesus. It’s such a scandal.”

In doing so, Neubauer was reacting to the chancellor’s appearance at the Kirchentag in Stuttgart last Friday, which had been interrupted by several activists.

An activist had tried to storm the stage during the appearance of the SPD politician, but was prevented from doing so by security forces and led away. Another activist shouted “bullshit” when Scholz was talking about phasing out coal-fired power generation and the jobs that would be lost in opencast mining as a result.

Scholz commented on the disruption with the words: “I’ll be honest, these black-clad productions at various events by the same people always remind me of a long time ago, and thank God.”