(Amsterdam) The visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to the Netherlands was again disrupted on Wednesday by two demonstrators who were arrested on his arrival at the University of Amsterdam, according to images filmed by a TV pool and the Amsterdam police.

The two protesters, a man and a woman, were arrested for “disturbing public order and threatening” because they were “running towards the president”, said Lex van Liebergen, Amsterdam police spokesman .

Images from the television pool show the man stopped in his tracks and brutally tackled to the ground near Mr. Macron.

“For the honor of the workers, even if Macron does not want to, we are here,” he chanted several times, before and after being overpowered by the police.

The incident happened just after the French president got out of a limo with Dutch King Willem-Alexander and was greeted by Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema.

One of the arrested protesters had a banner, Van Liebergen added. A dozen other protesters were nearby, she said, without daring to say if the individuals arrested were part of this group.

The president, who faces a very strong challenge after the passage of the pension reform in France, had already been interrupted the day before during a speech on Europe in The Hague.