National organization of Russian youth: how the emigres created their

History 06/01/20 national organization of Russian youth: how the emigres created their “Hitler youth”

“Hitler youth” went down in history as a system of political indoctrination and brainwashing of millions of young Germans. However, few people know that since 1939, in Nazi Germany there was a similar organization for Russian teenagers.

RULES: start

Although the Nazis treated the Slavs as a “second class race”, Russian immigrants who settled in Germany, not in a hurry to leave after Hitler came to power. According to the historian Oleg Budnitskii, in the 30-ies in the Third Reich lived 50 thousand Russian, from them 10 thousand in Berlin. Among the emigrants were people of all ages. In an effort to increase the number of supporters, functionaries of the NSDAP decided to introduce Russian youth to the ideas of national socialism. To this end, the Nazis resorted to the services of General monarchist Vasily Biskupcova, headed at that time “the Management of the Affairs of the Russian emigration”. Biskupski supported Adolf Hitler since 1920-ies, and during the Beer hall putsch even provided the future Fuhrer his apartment in Munich for shelter. The creation of a “National organisation of Russian youth” (NORMS) engaged the nearest employee Biskupcova – Sergei Taborisky. This man was known in emigre circles as the killer policy-constitutionalist Vladimir Nabokov (father of the famous writer). In spite of Semitic blood in his veins (his mother was a baptized Jew), Taborisky to conceal their origins and actively collaborated with the Nazis. In the end, Tabaracci and headed NORMS, although for some time the head of the organization was listed as the captain of the white Russian Larionov. The latter has already had the experience of working with young people in the mid 30-ies he led the far-right paramilitary organization the “White idea”. From the management STANDARDS also known the names of the chief of staff Ivan Petty and George Lukin, leader of the Berlin brigade.

“HitlerJugend” in Russian

the Headquarters of the “National organisation of Russian youth” was Elsholz-straße in Berlin. From the beginning its activities were controlled by the SS. NORMS have combined all previously existing in Germany, the youth organization of immigrants. Boys and girls listened to political reports, did calisthenics, marched, rested in summer camps. Appearance Norouzi had the traits of “Russian flavor”, but differed from the uniforms of the Orthodox youth organizations.

“Vanya Fine from the beginning tried to make sure RULES were not similar to the “knights”. “Knights” wore uniforms of blue shirts, zapravlyatsya pants or skirts. Small came up with for Norma black blouses, trousers with wide epaulets soldiers,” recalled former member Norm Rostislav Polchaninov.

Among the members of the organization seem more active than others were the children of Russians who came to Germany “for ideological reasons” after 1933. Especially the Nazi propaganda, the youth intensified after the beginning of the great Patriotic war.

“Teenagers from among the children of immigrants declared that they would occupy various leadership positions in the “New Russia”, — writes the historian Boris Kovalev.

the norm Of the educated personnel of the Abwehr recruited saboteurs to be dropped on Soviet territory. Subsequently, activists of the “National organizations” are also attracted to the work of Vlasov’s Committee for the liberation of the peoples of Russia. The last gathering of NORMS in the camp of “Grad Kitezh” was held in Austria in the autumn of 1944, it was attended by only 35 people.

After the entry of the red Army on German territory, some members and leaders of the “Russian Hitler” fell into the hands of the NKVD, and then was sent to the GULAG. Ivan Small of the USSR sentenced to a long prison term, he died in Vladimir Central in 1953. The fate of other leaders of the movement were more successful. In the book Alexander Popov “Russian Berlin” States that Sergei Tavorickiy went missing in the spring of 1945, however, there is a version that he lived in the West to old age. Larionov lived in Munich until 1988, publishing works on the history of the White movement. A scoutmaster George Lukin moved to Argentina, where he continued work with the Russian youth in the “national spirit”.

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