Mutiny on Watchdog: why Soviet pilots bombed their own ship

Another 31/12/19 Mutiny on Watchdog: why Soviet pilots bombed their own ship

In the official Soviet press has rarely reported about protest actions of citizens of the USSR. Meanwhile, such sometimes happens. Dissatisfaction with life, the difference information transmitted through the media, with the real state of Affairs, conflicts with law enforcement led to the defiance. For example, in 1961 there was a mass unrest in the towns of Alexandrov, Krasnodar, Murom. Was no exception and the armed forces. In 1975 there was an armed rebellion of a group of sailors at a large anti-submarine ship of the Navy of the USSR “Guard”.

Ship mutiny

In the course of investigation it was established that the insurgency was led by ideological considerations. The rebels didn’t demand money or political asylum abroad. The main condition was to provide opportunities to openly broadcast on the frequency of the radio “Mayak” and to get the chance to play on television. According to the official version of that time the sailors were going to steal a ship to Sweden.
Soviet archives have not kept a detailed explanation of the motivation of the rebel sailors, were only the chronology of the uprising. It all began on 8 November 1975. Director and instigator of the rebellion, captain third rank Valery Sablin went to the cabin of the commander of the ship PATOLOGO and said that the post of underwater acoustics riots broke out. When Potulny went to the specified room, Sablin slammed the door behind him and locked. To guard a locked captain, he instructed the librarian-the projectionist Seine. Sablin gave him a gun and ordered not to let anyone inside.
writes a Patriotic journalist Nikolay Cherkashin in his book “Extraordinary accidents in the Soviet Navy”, locked the captain found a note from Sablina: “Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Arrive to your destination, you will have the right to decide their fate for yourself.”

Thus Sablin Okaout to be on the ship of the senior officer. Over the intercom he summoned the officers and sub staff in the wardroom. There he announced that the ship is heading for Kronstadt, where will make a speech on television outlining the new revolutionary views. Their essence was to ensure that the leadership of the party and the government retreated from the ideals and principles of the October revolution. The working class through the procedures of direct democracy should clean the party of rotten elements.
This proposal was supported by three lieutenants and several midshipmen. Dissenters were locked in the cabins. About the new course and the plans are simple sailors announced at dinner. Using the fact that the attention of the rebels busy socializing with the staff, the ship managed to escape the sailor and petty officer. Picked them up standing next to a Soviet submarine. There they told about the incident. At this time, “Watchdog” weighed anchor and headed for the exit of the Gulf of Riga.

the Pursuit of a “Watchdog”

the operation Began according to his interception. After sent nine ships, the alarm was raised bomber aviation regiment. On the morning of the Irben lighthouse keepers reported that the ship was moving a course different from the course in Kronstadt. To the territorial waters of Sweden was only 43 miles, and the command ordered at any cost to stop the ship.
it was Decided to start the bombing. One of the bombs hit right in the center of the deck, causing considerable damage. I jammed a wheel, and a Guard began to describe large circles, and then stopped. Seize the moment, the group of sailors broke into the Arsenal, armed, was able to release from locked cabins of the officers and commander PATOLOGO. Released commander Sablin found on the bridge of the ship and to suppress the resistance, shot him in the legs.
In 10 hours 35 minutes Potulny gave the command telegram: “the Vehicle is stopped. Mastered the situation.”

the trial of the rebels

Sablin was charged with treason. Hereditary naval officer’s write about this man.Ali guilty and executed on 3 August 1976.
Sailor Shein, who took an active part in the uprising and was guarded by a locked captain, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment. Six of the 11 officers and warrant officers also fell into the category of suspects, but their guilt was not proven and the timing is not got nobody. However, all received penalties on the service line. The crew of the “Guard” was disbanded, many officers transferred to the reserve. Mutiny on the “Sentinel” was the basis for the book by Tom Clancy “the Hunt for Red October.

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