” I’m sorry. […] I’m sorry to have snitch “: these are the words spoken in a video by Isaiah Leopold Roach, a 16-year-old boy found dead in Saint-Zotique on April 18. The teenager, on his knees, addresses at least two individuals, apologizing profusely in this sequence broadcast on social networks last week and whose publication caused a stir.

“They should remove that.” I just don’t understand why it’s still online despite the complaints. It’s awful. The guy is dead,” laments a youngster who briefly knew Isaiah Leopold Roach in his early teens at a West Island youth center.

In the film footage obtained by La Presse, first relayed by the daily newspaper The Gazette, the young Isaiah presents himself as an informer and apologizes in a pleading tone to a man nicknamed “Fatty”. It would be, according to our information, Zackhry Ramnath. This 18 year old young man was found dead last Sunday in Ontario. Still according to our information, these two murders are linked.

“I’m sorry Fatty and Salvo for calling you bitches,” the victim says in the video in question. It is addressed to at least two people, one of whom is filming it. “I said things I shouldn’t have said. »

“Who’s got snitch?” asks one of the individuals who is not visible in the filmed sequence.

“I snitch,” replies young Isaiah. He goes on to nervously explain that he owed money to the so-called Fatty and Salvo.

According to the young person questioned by La Presse, several people around the deceased are troubled. Despite the complaints, the video remains accessible on a private Instagram page which has around 2,000 subscribers. The publication dates from last week, but it is currently unknown when this scene was filmed.

“I don’t know the details of the argument, but no one deserves this. It’s humiliating for the family,” he said.

Everything indicates that the two victims, from the west of Montreal, knew each other and that a conflict would have taken place before the murders. Both homicides are still under investigation and no arrests have been made at this time.

Isaiah Leopold Roach, 16, was last seen on March 26. His body was found almost a month later in a field in Saint-Zotique.