those Who are in the public space, in a group of three or more persons, as of Thursday, will be fine. That is, the chairmen of the 25 safety regions, in which all of the municipalities covered by it, and Thursday will be determined.

Monday night, had the government decided that the special areas have been designated, and it was allowed that the rule should apply to all, but it was the 25-city mayors, that the chairman of the security region is too little known, and, therefore, it was decided to close to the action as possible.

The more the measure will go into effect as soon as the 25th president of the security region, which was signed by the new noodverordering it. Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen and chairman of the safety council, where all the care is under attack, you say, that’s on Thursday is still happening.

The penalty, of no more than 400 euros, and can, therefore, be imposed upon it if everyone in the group has the means to get themselves up to 1.5 meters away.

A spokesman for the safety council, which is the 25 safety regions covered by it, points out that the three people who happen to meet in the streets and sticks to the rule of only 1.5 meters away, it was just fine. “However, it is clear that, as a group, with the goal met, such as yoga or soccer, they may be liable to a fine.”