The two children of the killed 34-year-old mother from Afghanistan have reported violence by the accused brothers of the victim during judicial interrogation. “We were afraid of them,” said the 14-year-old son in a survey that was carried out around six months ago as a video and audio recording and played on Friday in the murder trial at the Berlin district court.

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They would have “served my mother after her divorce”. His sister, who was four years younger, also reported at the time that both of their uncles had “beaten and put pressure” on their mother. The accused are said to have transported the woman’s body to Bavaria and buried it there.

The public prosecutor assumes that the two men murdered their divorced sister because she did not submit to the family’s moral standards and also had a romantic relationship. The 27 and 23-year-old men are said to have killed their sister on July 13, 2021 and then brought her body to Bavaria in a trolley case. So far, the defendants have remained silent on the allegations.

His two uncles are “bad people,” said the son. “They are really the worst thing you can imagine.” They would have beaten and controlled his mother, forbidden her a boyfriend and threatened her. The act has “nothing to do with honor, but with dishonor”. His mother was a very good woman who worked a lot – “the best mother in the world”.

The daughter said her mother’s two brothers also pushed, hit, and pulled her hair. An uncle tried to force her to wear a headscarf. “But I don’t want that.” Her mother endured abuse from her brothers and didn’t want to go to the police. “They were so mean to her, but she still loved them,” said the then ten-year-old at the judge’s hearing in November 2021.