Moscow is preparing for the Day of defender of the Fatherland. On February 23 in Moscow parks will host historical reenactment, sports, lunch from the field kitchen. And pancakes of dozens of species throughout the city offer right now: in the capital, started the festival “Moscow Maslenitsa”. You can taste unusual food, but also to take lessons of cooking.

In Moscow already quite spring-like warmth, sunshine, and the air — the scent of pancakes. This means that the Carnival is very close. In the capital, festivities have already begun. Thirty festivals: carnivals, street performances, lessons on musical instruments, folk fun. And, of course, pancakes, Russian, French, Japanese and even Thai recipes.

At the Manege square lies a small village with barns, grain yard and a real mill. And settled there clowns from different countries of the world. Every day at 13:00 and 19:00 to the sounds of pipes and drums they make a colorful procession. At the Revolution square — a House of Music. Old musical instruments — learn to play the harp.

On the street Khachaturian — pancake club. Almond, mixed with a surplus, there is even a pancake cake and pancake soup. Try and learn to cook under the guidance of chefs. And on the Boulevard of Dmitry Donskoy opened a bakery of the days of Moscow of the XIX century. Treats — match for the era: orange jam, donuts, pies. Of pancake menu pancake garlic, beets and herring. Gorodetsky on the street reveal the secrets of jewelry. In the Park near the pond Galyanovskoe weaving hut.

Sunday in all city parks are celebrating the Day of defender of the Fatherland. In Babushkinsky Park — concert Cossack choir and the military orchestra. In Maine — the battle on the lasers and a field kitchen. In perovskite — historical reenactment: visitors will be able to try on a suit of armor. And in “sokolnikah” — play table football and to shoot a slingshot.

At ENEA, visitors will see how varied the appearance of the soldier for centuries. In front of the arch of the main entrance every 10 minutes will appear the defenders of the Fatherland — and each time in a new costume: from ancient armor to modern forms.

For all military personnel, law enforcement officers and cadets for only one day — February 23 — will operate a free entry to the Museum of Victory on Poklonnaya hill. Do not forget to bring your ID. And the cinema network “Moschino” everyone is welcome on the big screen to review the well-known films about the war.

Ten thousand volleys, 72 installation: Sunday at 9 PM over Moscow there will be an artillery salute. It will launch simultaneously with 16 points in all districts of the city. The colorful promise on Poklonnaya hill.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”