Moroccan gomery: what did the most terrible soldiers of the Second world

History 17/01/20 Moroccan gomery: what did the most terrible soldiers of the Second world

a ruthless war crimes committed during the Second world war, Moroccan guerami in occupied Italy and Germany prefer to remember predominantly German-Italian researchers and historians, supporting the concept of “revisionism”.

War on women

Formed in 1908, immigrants from different countries of the North Africa unit of the Moroccan Gumerov was part of the French Armed Forces in December, 1943 transferred to Italy to fight the Nazis. But there are soldiers from the Maghreb were not famous for courage and valor, and the innumerable crimes against unarmed civilians. Mass rape of women and young girls, massacres, torture and murder that engulfed the neighborhood of Rome, entered the history of this country under the name of “guerra al femminile” (war on women) or “markkinat”.

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the Italian historians culprits unfolded in the years 1943-1945 the tragedy, first of all, think of the French commanders under the command of which were Moroccan gomery.

the Main source of evil and a war criminal, according to them, is General Alphonse Juin, 14 may 1944 prior to the battle his exotic corps with German troops holding Monte Cassino, addressed them with a rousing speech: “Soldiers! Behind the mountains, behind enemy soldiers that you kill, lies a land of rich houses, women and wine. If you will overcome those mountains and win the battle, your General vows to you, 50 hours after winning you will be completely free in their actions. Can take everything, destroy everything and do whatever you want. No one will punish you then, whatever you do.”

after Learning about the atrocities of Muslim fighters, Pope Pius XII in June, 1944, was sent to General Wthe Arles de Gaulle a message with a request to subdue and punish the rapists and murderers of the peace population and to introduce in Rome the Christian troops. However, in response, the head of the Vatican received a letter of heartfelt sympathy in which were listed the line is that “characterized by the low morality of Italian women provoke Muslims-Moroccans”.

By the way, not all French officers were filled with cynicism and war, preserving human dignity, tried actually counteract the rampant violence. Thanks to their efforts, was opened 160 criminal investigations involving 360 Gumerov. Subsequently, only 15 of them were sentenced to death and the rest received of forced labor.

Version Pier

American politician, revisionist William pierce who hold far-right views, and in 1997 wrote “the Women of Monte Cassino”, where he outlined his version of why the atrocities committed by the Moroccan guerami went unpunished.

According to Pierce, in the drama that unfolded in the mountain villages of Italy, primarily responsible for the French authorities who knew of brutal habits, his Moroccan units still threw it on the European mainland and were allowed to do war crimes.

For the terrible suffering caused to women in and around Monte Cassino, the Nuremberg Tribunal deserved, as military leaders have committed murder, torture and violence against the civilian population and the media, who were holding back on these facts.

to Judge their

Double standards is not the hallmark of modern times, and eternal companion policy. Held in 1945-1946, the Nuremberg Tribunal, an international panel of judges to hear cases of war crimes former associates of Hitler.

the sentencing of Nazi leaders, the arbitrators condemned the atrocities created by the defeated military opponents, and when, on 17 July 1945, Senator James Eastland declared openly in the U.S. Senate about the fanaticism of Gumerov in Stuttgart.those (1945), he was simply accused of lying.

Shield allies in the coalition, neither the UK nor the US has not considered it necessary to initiate an investigation against part of the French army’s Moroccan division.

it did not budge and after August 1, 1947, when the Italian authorities sent an official note of protest to the French authorities for the lawlessness of Gumerov in Monte Cassino. In response, the official Paris simply unsubscribed formal phrase and has not taken visible measures to convict the perpetrators.

moreover, many military began to look for excuses of his subordinates, in particular Marshal Jean Joseph Marie Gabriel de Latr de Lattre de Tassigny, parried the charges, calling them the intrigues of German propaganda seeking to discredit the allies, through brave Moroccan Gumerov.

the Issue of appropriate punishment of Africans and compensate the victims of their illegal acts was raised by Italian activists in 1951, then in 1993 and even in 2011, but until now, the international community prefers to ignore this obvious historical fact.

Head of the National Association of victims markkinat emiliano Ciotti in the course of its investigation has established about 20 thousand of registered acts of violence, and argues that the real estimates had been raped no less than 60 thousand women.

But the Italian leadership turns a blind eye to this dark page of history so as not to spoil relations with a partner in the European Union.

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