So far, more than 5,000 refugees from Ukraine have been able to take part in an integration course in Berlin and Brandenburg to learn German. In the federal capital, 3,532 permits were issued by the end of May, in Brandenburg it was 1,842, according to a spokeswoman for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

In the so-called integration courses, refugees get to know the German culture and language. The sponsors include adult education centers and private providers.

“At the Berlin adult education centers, there is currently a great deal of interest from refugees from Ukraine in taking part in German language courses,” said the adult education centers in Berlin. More than 1,500 Ukrainians have already started teaching there or are about to do so.

Demand is very high, so the situation is tense. “The adult education centers are particularly faced with the challenge of winning qualified course leaders for the significantly increased demand,” it said.

According to the Federal Office, there are still enough free places in both Berlin and Brandenburg. In the federal capital, for example, more than 3,300 places were still available with 740 courses running. The course providers could increase their offer at any time if demand increases.

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“After opening the courses for the new target group in mid-March, the providers more than doubled their offer nationwide within a few weeks,” said the office.