Picking up fallen branches following the ice storm will keep municipal employees busy for some time to come, which will slow down the big spring cleaning in the city’s streets and public spaces.

The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, asks the population to be patient with the garbage collection that usually follows the melting of the snow, since blue collar workers have their hands full.

“All the City teams are mobilized to clean up, and it will take time to pick up all the branches,” she said Wednesday morning during the meeting of the executive committee. “The spring cleaning had already started, but the big cleaning of the streets and sidewalks will be a little delayed because we have to prioritize it. I ask people to be aware of this reality, but of course the cleaning will be done. »

The central districts will also be enriched with an additional cleanliness squad, announced in the executive committee the head of borough consultation, Maja Vodanovic. The Latin Quarter, Old Montreal, Ontario Street, Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Berri Street sectors will be able to benefit from it.

“We are coming to the rescue with one more brigade in Ville-Marie,” said Ms. Vodanovic. They will pick up papers, sweep, remove illegal signage and pick up weeds, from May 1 until the end of October. »

Ms. Plante also asked citizens who visit the city’s parks to be vigilant, since branches that have remained attached to trees could still fall and cause injuries.