She is well-known for sharing glamour selfies with her 6.2million Instagram followers.

MollyMae Hague took a dig at herself on Thursday, posting a smouldering photo on social media in a nude PVC ensemble.

Molly, 22 years old, slipped into a leathery look and said, ‘My double-jointed arm is showing me up’

Her bright blonde hair was swept into a high ponytail.

Molly insists that she stopped buying designer goods and has now posted the post.

Molly insists this week that she doesn’t spend as much on “really expensive clothes” after the PS800k burglary in her old flat.

On Wednesday, the influencer hosted a candid Q&A on her YouTube channel. It was her first vlog for the year and shed light on October’s ordeal as well as her ‘negative start’ to the year.

She wore a PS285 Alexander Wang turtleneck top and answered the question “Have your views about having nice things changed since that robbery?” She replied with “It’s something that I’ve been thinking about lately.” That is 100% true.

Molly-Mae was in London for her Beauty Works Christmas launch at 10:01pm on Thursday, October 21st, when her boyfriend Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae were there, an ‘experienced group’ broke into their flat and stole large quantities of designer goods and jewellery.

Molly-Mae shared her thoughts on the incident in her video. She said: “In regard to the jewellery that I used to purchase, watches, nice bag, and other stuff, I think most definitely. definitely, that the interest in those for me has just disappeared after the robbery.

“Why would I want to have something that could threaten my safety and Tommy’s? It’s absolutely not worth it to me.

She said, “Why would I ever want something that could compromise my safety and Tommy’s?” It’s absolutely not worth it to me.

The former Love Island star admitted that she had’very much moved away’ from the show, but she also said she spent ‘thousands of thousands’ per month on security.

Molly-Mae explained that she was justified in her choice. It makes me feel safer.