Miraculous escape: how Larissa Savitskaya survived a fall from 5000 meters

Another 21/12/19 Miraculous escape: how Larissa Savitskaya survived a fall from 5000 meters

the 20-year-old student Larissa Savitskaya (nee Andreyeva) 24 August 1981 lost everything – love, family, health. But kept the main thing – life, falling in a plane crash from a height of 5 200 metres. We can only guess that saved Larissa – a happy coincidence, Providence or her cold-blooded actions.

Because I killed Volodya

When sleeping in his chair Larissa woke up from the stun of the blow and the sharp cries, the first thing she saw was sitting next to dead husband. 19-year-old student of College a few months ago who became her husband, was killed instantly. An hour ago the couple made plans and were happy as successfully passed the session and went to visit relatives in Vladivostok and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Magical honeymoon happened.

Later, in an interview with the newspaper “Trud” Larissa will say that, looking at the bloodied face of the man I knew loved Volodya is no more. And instantly replace fear and panic it’s indifference. To die she wasn’t afraid, I just wanted it to be over quickly.

intuition Prompts

On the way back, young could not get plane tickets, but still bought a seat on a flight 811 passenger An-24. Almost a day waiting for the departure flight postponed several times due to bad weather conditions. When boarded, it turned out that the cabin is nearly empty. As it became known later, when confronted with the military Tu-16 killed 11 crew members and 25 adult and one child.

the Hostess offered to sit in the bow to the right, which is when the accident was completely destroyed. But Larissa for some strange reason I wanted to change seats, and she and her husband were seated in the tail. The husband sat to the right, and Larissa left the window – the part that is least affected in the collision.

Miracles still happenXia

After waking up and realizing that the plane crashes, Larissa somehow remembered the film “Miracles still happen”, which they watched with Volodya. There is also girl fell into the jungle and survived – remaining in the armchair. When falling debris Larissa threw out chairs in the aisle, but she managed to get to the nearest chair to sit down in it, grab the armrests, to press in the back and for it to rest on the floor. As it turned out Larissa, she had behaved absolutely correctly. When through the porthole I saw a green flash, I realized that falls in the forest. Strained from the impact of debris on the ground and lost consciousness.

On the girl’s hand was a watch Chayka with gold bracelet, so when I woke up, she knew – it took 5 hours. Later found out that the chip was falling a long 8 minutes. To survive in the forest, she took refuge from the cold snatches of covers from seats and salvation from the mosquitoes became miraculously survived plastic bags. Drank from a nearby pond, but there is the collected berries are unable – the fall knocked out all his teeth. Larissa saw search helicopters, was waving a piece of red matter, but rescuers flew past in full confidence: this wreck was left alive, and waving “figure friendly” — most likely, the chef of local geologists.

Larissa found cigarettes and matches, trying to light a fire to attract attention, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Only on the third day, August 26, to her went the soldiers, combing the forest. The last thing he remembers Larissa – their stunned faces. Realizing that help had arrived and she was saved, her body gave up and passed out.

Saving birches

Larissa was sure that one of the factors of her salvation became a small birch grove with young, which fell the wreckage. Later, the military Prosecutor’s office of Khabarovsk showed her some pictures of plane wreckage, which were collected several kilometers. Shocking was the footage of the bodies of the dead hung on a sharp and tight fir. So the fall of its seats on the “soft birch” Okaturned another happy accident.

According to the Chairman of the aviation Committee R. Teimurazova, who led the investigation of the accident the passenger of “Annushka” in 1981, birch grove really “softened the blow”, but there was another factor. The tail of the aircraft will not fall like a rock and like a leaf from a tree. He is like the parachute, maneuvered, and has slowed the rate of fall. In addition, due to the trajectory of the fall of Larissa strongly pressed alternately to the backrest and sidewalls, and it did not let her fall, despite the lack of a seat belt.

fate, or Providence?

somehow a miracle cannot be called that in the fall with a 5-kilometer-high Larissa was still alive, although her body was seriously injured. The spine is broken in several places, broken ribs and arm, almost knocked out all my teeth and damaged jaw. It seems incredible that with a broken spine she was able to move. But according to trauma surgeon of the ambulance Institute Sklifosofsky, if the broken body of the vertebrae, but no spinal cord injury, motor function preserved, although the victim when the movement is experiencing excruciating pain. Survivor Larissa received from the insurance meager compensation of 75 rubles, and in the design of disability and she did refused. But after data about the crash in the 90-ies declassified, there were many good people sought to support survivors of woman – both at Home and abroad.

the Life of Larissa after the crash turned out to be unsweetened, and in conversations with reporters, she, as people repeatedly find themselves in a desperate situation, often mention about the bad luck that has collected all the “sinners” on Board the An-24, but for some reason left alive. After the accident Larisa started to believe in mysticism and astrology, so often talked about “planetary ball of energy four planets” that “swing her on the swings of fate”: the crash was a black strip, it’s an amazing rescue – and-white. Well, “thank you,” Larisa said, and Providence, and my own intuition and numerous, seemingly minor circumstances that helped her to survive.

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