A half-million Californians could still have the power to come in and sit by the fires, especially in Sonoma, and the San Bernardino violent rage. The images of the inferno, are hallucinatory. About 900 of the residents of the wine country north of San Francisco, where even the director, Francis Ford Coppola, a winery has to leave their own homes. For the time being, there is as yet no fatalities.

At the end of the week electricity as a preventive has to be disabled for more than a half-million homes and businesses in the state of California. Now, there are about 200,000 without power, but the fire is moving due to the strong winds and still be in Sonoma County. The Kincade-fire placed for more than a thousand acres in the sunshine. Nearly 900 residents are obliged to communicate to the endangered Geyserville exit.

photos and video of the flames, the red-hot glow, and the huge flames are seen. The vuurhozen are awesome, but that’s the last thing that the affected residents are in this moment in time to think about it.

and The worst is yet to come

It was at the beginning of this week, rich had warned of the danger of natural fires in the state of California. The temperatures there are high, and the wind is blowing strong with wind gusts up to 120 km/h. According to the weather forecast to today’s, and tomorrow’s is the worst of the storm is yet to come.

from the autumn of 2018 and raged there for intense fires in the region. It fell to 86 deaths.