MADISON, Wis. — Democrat Alex Lasry, a 33-year-old Milwaukee Bucks officer and executive of a billionaire, declared Wednesday that he is running for the U.S. Senate at 2022 for the seat now held by Republican Ron Johnson.

Lasry created the statement using a YouTube video, stating”we want a fresh method of thinking and a brand new outlook ” His launching video contained endorsements from many prominent Milwaukee politicians, such as Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley and Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson.

Lasry intends to have a leave of absence from that position throughout the campaign.

Johnson, who was among former President Donald Trump’s most passionate supporters, hasn’t said yet whether he’ll seek a third term.

The Bucks’ choice motivated the NBA to postpone all three postseason games scheduled for this day.

The Bucks issued a declaration in support of their players’ decision, stating in part,”The only means to bring change is to shine a light onto the racial injustices which are occurring in front of us. Our players have done this and we’ll continue to stand together and require change and accountability.”

Alex Lasry also tweeted that his service at the moment, stating,”Some things are bigger than just basketball. The stand taken now by the gamers and org indicates that we are fed up. Change needs to take place. I am incredibly pleased with our men and we stand 100 percent behind our players prepared to help and bring about change.”

Nelson, a former state lawmaker and candidate for Congress in 2016, stated in a Twitter message he welcomed Lasry into the race”because most of us stand united to conquer Ron Johnson.”

But confronted with the possibility of Lasry throwing a huge number of his own money to the effort, Nelson challenged him to not devote some of his family’s money on the race.

“I really don’t think anybody should purchase a Senate seat,” Nelson stated.

Lasry told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he will”spend” in his effort while at the same time promising to increase modest contributions too.

Other Democrats, such as state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and state Sen. Chris Larson, of Milwaukee, will also be contemplating bids.

Johnson’s spokesman didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment.

Johnson stated in numerous interviews that week he didn’t think about that the U.S. Capitol riot a month for an armed insurrection.

Lasry, a New York City native, was sponsor committee chair for its 2020 Democratic Party National Convention, which was granted to Milwaukee but proceeded online due to the coronavirus pandemic. He had been a former aide at Barack Obama’s White House.

Lasry made headlines when he obtained the COVID-19 vaccine, although he is not yet qualified in Wisconsin, following his wife’s uncle, who’s a rabbi in a senior living facility in Milwaukee, stated there was one available .