Mikhail Frunze: why he was recruited into the Red army the tsarist officers

History 30/12/19 Mikhail Frunze: why he was recruited into the Red army the tsarist officers

According to the historian Boris Sokolov, the favor of Mikhail Frunze to former tsarist officers some Bolsheviks took over the desire to restore “national” army. But in fact the goal Frunze was much more commonplace. The fact that Mikhail had any experience in military operations.

“Military” and “payback”

Despite the fact that Mikhail Frunze became famous as one of the major generals, in his youth, he did not even think about such a career. In 1904, he entered the Economics faculty of the Polytechnic Institute. Then Frunze and became a member of the social democratic party. However, none of what the civil war Mikhail was not dreaming. Even a month after the infamous Bloody Sunday, when authorities dispersed a procession of workers, Frunze wrote to his brother Konstantin: “In the military do not suggest to spoil your whole life. God, what of them (the countrymen) doing military: know nothing, hear nothing” (Valentin Runov “Frunze: the mystery of life and death”).

However, in early spring of that 1905, the views of Mikhail Frunze has changed dramatically. If you believe Alex Gromov, author of the book “the people’s Commissar Frunze”, in March of Frunze told his mother that he gives himself to the revolution, because “streams of blood, shed January 9, require reckoning.” Subsequently, in order to print flyers, Michael V., together with his comrades seized a printing house in Shuya. According to Oleg Smyslov, the author of the book “Kotovskij”, Frunze was arrested and among other things charged with the attempted murder of Sergeant allegedly shot but missed. It’s hard to believe, considering that Frunze was an avid hunter and shot very accurately.

the Military talents of the party

But one thing – hunting, and quite another war. And for peopleka, who did not have any military experience, Mikhail Frunze had made a truly spectacular career in the red army. Escaping from exile, Frunze arrived in Moscow and enlisted in the 56th artillery brigade. However, volunteer Mikhail Vasilievich was engaged exclusively in the supply. However, at the end of 1918 Leon Trotsky, Frunze was appointed commander of the 4th army of the Eastern front. It is noteworthy that, according to Leonid Mlechin, in his book “the Russian army between Trotsky and Stalin,” commander Joachim Vatsetis opposed this decision: he doubted the military talents of the party workers. Only this time Vatsetis was wrong.

During the Civil war Mikhail Frunze was able to become one of the most remarkable figures in the history of Russian army. As stated in the book “Red generals” (editor-compiled by doctor of historical Sciences M. Y. Myagkov), after the civil war, Frunze became known as the winner of Kolchak and Wrangel, and Ural Cossacks. Mikhail made a huge contribution to the elimination of Makhno and Petliura. Distinguished commander and in Turkestan. Interestingly, Frunze was one of the few military leaders calling for humane treatment of prisoners. Valery Samburov, the author of the book “Invasion of aliens”, said that humanity had practical value and contributed to the rapid achievement of victory.

Experienced or loyal?

Indeed, Mikhail Frunze was a very practical man. It is from practical considerations Frunze took under his wing many of the king’s officers. So, immediately after his appointment as commander of the 4th army of the Eastern front, Mikhail Vasilyevich was made chief of staff of the General of the Imperial Russian army, Fedor Fedorovich Novitsky. Frunze thanks to the staff of the red army came and Vladimir Triandafillov Kiriakovich, the captain also “born” from the Russian Empire. In his book “the Civil war in Russia” S. Mironov writes about the merits of Trotsky in bringing former tsarist generals and officers (The resolution of the Central Committee of the RCP(b) as of December 25, 1918 “About the politics of the military Department”). Meanwhile, Trotsky was convinced it was Frunze.

according to the historian Boris Sokolov on the pages of his book, “Joseph Stalin – ruthless Creator,” Mikhail Frunze saw no sin to benefit from the experience and knowledge of the former Imperial commanders until, until you grow up worthy of the red shift. For example, according to Igor Sachko, the author of the publication “the Intelligence of the first years of the Soviet Union”, Vladimir Triandafillov was the developer of the most successful operations of Mikhail Frunze, against Kolchak and Wrangel. Thanks Frunze at the head of districts, corps, divisions were military, selected on the basis of their qualifications, and not on the basis of Communist devotion.

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