Years after, Tyson discussed the episode in his autobiography’Undisputed Truth’

The episode caused a separation between Tyson and Atlas. It occurred when the legendary fighter sexually attacked Atlas’ sister-in-law. Atlas disclosed in the documentary which the episode happened after Atlas was wed and Tyson touched his fresh sister-in-law inappropriately.

“I understood what I had been ready to perform,” Atlas said from the documentary. “I was planning to kill him when I needed to… He saw me coming. And I set the gun to his head and that I advised him that he won’t ever go near anyone in my family again. And I said,’you know?'”

Atlas added that Tyson created a smirk-like facial expression, and that is if he felt as if he had to make an impression.

“I began to pull on the trigger and in the last minute, I pulled it from the ear. And that I fired the gun then he dropped on the ground grabbing his ear”

After that episode in 1982, Atlas chose to depart D’Amato’s camp.

Years after, Tyson discussed the episode in his autobiography”Undisputed Truth.”

“I was only playing around and I grabbed her bum and that I should not have,” Tyson said in this publication. “It was a dumb thing to do. I didn’t think it … When I did itI instantly regretted it.”