showbiz Entrepreneur, Michel, the Burn has turned to social media comments about a car driver who irritated him. He said that it was no longer this can be, and is dedicated to the dashboardcamera to install it in the car.

Van den Brande asked his Facebook followers to assist him in the car on the track. “I was on the linkerbaanvak on the E40 highway, and rode a wave for me,” he begins his speech. “The center and the right section was still free, but when I get a brief flash of light gave the order for the driver to the side, he sat down on the brakes. I had to go bang! I’m strontbeu and go to going to Heinz tuning dial to have dashcams to install it.We drove less than 110 km / h and it was sunny with little or no traffic on them.” Van den Brande stated that he was the driver, personally, want to ask what is the point.