The former prime minister Charles Michel (MR), is not that the government is at running things, is responsible for the ever-growing budget deficit. He pointed out that it is in the Morning show on Radio 1, only for one of the parties: N-VA. It was in the budget in the middle of 2018 with him, and at the same time, they are still in the federal government, but was cleared after, in december, was to get out, not good. He calls out to the party, along with the PS, then you need to be a new and separate government to be formed. “This is not serious anymore.”

Michel’s father, in his edition show on Radio 1 “the fire” sheet of the government. “We are at the start of the two representations are created: the community fights in the fridge to stick out, and the focus is on jobs, jobs, jobs. We were just a lot of hard and intense reforms, as a result, 290.000 jobs and an employment rate of over 70 percent of the time. That has never been achieved in Belgium.”

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in Addition, in one instance, the former prime minister is strong, and it was in december of 2018, “the budget deficit will be by the three-divided, with a reduction in the burden of work on top of it. This is a good result.”

the deficit, meanwhile, is yet to rise to as much as 11 billion euros, is said to Michel, which is mainly the responsibility of one single party: “The refurbishment is now again more difficult because of the N-VA, in July the agreement had been provided for in the budget, but in december and wanted to support it. Those of you that are in the budget that they had adopted not to vote, to bear the responsibility. And since we have no budget, 2019, and is still not even up to 2020, there is a spontaneous worsening of the situation, as the expenditure of the social security system is becoming more and more important.”