Men what blood group is the most aggressive

Another 05/01/20 Men what blood group is the most aggressive

Human blood is fraught with many secrets. There are only four blood groups, but after numerous studies it became clear that different races and even nationalities dominated by its own, specific group, and it shows the evolution of the ethnic group to which the given individual. Or that the blood can “tell” not only the origin of its owner, but also about its food habits, and character, including, for example, the propensity to militancy among men.

the First group is genetic “hunters”

Anthropologists around the world believe that the most ancient and the most common blood group o and she appeared forty thousand years ago. American doctor of naturopathy and a researcher of human blood Peter D’adamo, in his writings describes the recipients of the blood as the hereditary hunters. From generation to generation, these men fought a hard battle for survival, participated in the constant hunt for wild animals, overcome danger and fought bloody battles with rivals and enemies. People with first blood, genetically endowed with such features as toughness, resistance to stress, energy and commitment to their goals and confidence in their abilities. Because they’re hunters, respectively, an avid “meat-eaters”. The constant use of animal protein and fat men contributes to the active development of the sexual hormone testosterone. This, in turn, makes men warlike and prone to aggression. However, Dr. Peter D’adamo believes that such men are in any case can not become vegetarians. Their body is genetically wired in such a way that deprived of meat and a large amount of testosterone, it will begin the gradual destruction of physical and mental health.

the Third group of genetic “nomadand”

For millennia, from Central Asia to the West migrated warlike tribes of nomads — Huns, Pechenegs, Khazars, Mongols. Ancient nomadic warriors by nature were adventurers and inventors, they have remained in the annals as cunning and aggressive conquerors. Anthropologists and in particular the Czech archaeologist, ethnographer, historian and Slavist and Professor at Charles University in Prague, Lubor Niederle believed that these nomadic peoples were genetically close to each other. Being since ancient times, pastoralists and warriors, they ate meat and milk of their animals, being hardy horsemen, good shots and skillful warriors. Conquering new territory, they certainly were considered the most warlike peoples in the history of the time. Now the descendants of those nomads called the Uighurs, the Crimean Karaites, Crimean Tatars, part of the Bulgarians, Gagauz, Hungarian, Karachai and Balkars. French anthropologists of the school of social Sciences and research Institute in the social Sciences, Paris, argue that all of these peoples is characterized by the spread of the third group of blood. Dr. Peter D’adamo believed that blood – “nomadic”. Accordingly, the men, the owners of the third group of blood, from his ancestors-nomads, most likely, genetically inherited endurance, accuracy, and “ease on rise”, durability and of course, the militancy against enemies and adversaries.

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