Mehdi Huseyn-zade: why the Germans were afraid of

Heroes 29/01/20 Mehdi Huseyn-zade: why the Germans were afraid of “Soviet Terminator” and accused him of witchcraft

Slovenian writer and historian Cyril Zupanc in his book “Michael, intelligence officer and saboteur IX corps” called Mehdi Huseyn-zade, “the Russian Terminator”. And was probably in this comparison far from the truth. Judge for yourself, who else compare this desperate Azerbaijanis, who fought in the red army, escaped from German captivity, partisans in Yugoslavia and destroyed for his glorious “career” more than 1,000 soldiers and officers?

From the red army in the Azerbaijani Legion

According to information from the “Soviet military encyclopedia” Mehdi Huseyn-zade, before the war lived in the suburbs of Baku and worked as an art teacher, in August 1941 he was drafted into the Red army. After Tbilisi “school” in 1942, he came to the front and immediately into an Inferno. As a commander of mortar platoon Mehdi took part in the battle of Stalingrad. But this experience for him was not the most successful — in August, being seriously wounded, he was captured by the Germans.

At that time the promoters of the Wehrmacht was actively engaged in the formation of the collaborationist connections on a national basis. So Mehdi, not really understanding and without demanding the consent, identified in the Azerbaijani Legion. The Muslim part is partially involved in the fighting on the Eastern front. Newbie still lack of well-crafted German propaganda tried to keep away in the rear. Here and Gusein-zade pretty “shook” between Poland, Germany, Italy.

From captivity to the Yugoslav partisans

While in Northern Italy Mehdi with a few friends founded an underground group, which was associated with the Yugoslav partisans and handed them the documents with the plans of the punitive expeditions of the Hitlerites. Caused by the Yugoslavs preemptive strike was a resounding slap to the Wehrmacht. Mehdi also assisted podpolecov managed in 1944 to escape from captivity and joined the partisans in Slovenia.

Hussein-zadeh under the name of Michael became part of the “Russian company”, formed from the former Soviet prisoners of war, and showed himself as a clever and courageous scout. A big plus was that he knew German. Handy and the habit of wearing the hated Nazi uniform. Under the guise of it, he first destroyed the barracks of the Wehrmacht, and later activated the explosives in the Nazi cinema. A few hundred dead and twice wounded — it was only the beginning “of the Soviet Terminator.”

“Jinxed” Michael

it tells Harash Ali Madatov in the book “Azerbaijan in the great Patriotic war”, Mehdi was literally burning with desire for revenge for the injury and humiliation in captivity. But because the day that he didn’t kill the Nazis, believed lived in vain. His raids were built around one scenario — in the German tunic he entered the building where the enemy soldiers, and laying the explosives extra removed.

Also on account of his several ambushes that destroyed dozens of German trucks and the derail a few trains. And one of the most desperate raids — the murder of a Gestapo major N. Certner. Mehdi all in the same Nazi uniform just showed up at his office and shot the enemy. No less daring was the shooting from the machine gun training company located on the March without arms. Then Gusein-zade killed 20 Nazis.

Killed while trying to escape

of Course, the Germans did not leave sabotage activities partisan Mikhaylo without attention. His head was a reward of 400 thousand lire. But take her it is simply no one — all attempts to destroy or capture of Mehdi ended in nothing. “Colleagues” partisans called him by a spell, even the Nazis considered a sorcerer. And local residents and is seen in the dark moustache descendant of the legendary Vlad Dracula.

But death still caught a lucky dog. 2 November 1944 duringI’m spending the night in one of the villages raided there a German patrol. To fight breaking out of the encirclement of Michael was severely wounded. And to avoid re-capture shot.

According to collected after the war of information, Mehdi Huseyn-zade was awarded posthumously in 1957, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In fact, according to the documents, one partisan Mikhaylo destroyed manpower and equipment of the enemy more than the rest of the IX corps of the Yugoslav liberation army in which he served.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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