Masterpieces of Salvador Dali brought to Moscow

In the capital “Manege” exhibition one of the most eccentric artists of the twentieth century, Salvador Dali. In Russia such a large-scale retrospective of the master of surrealism was not yet: sculpture, paintings, drawings, watercolors, and prints — more than 180 works. Here everyone can find your answer to the question of why this artist has influenced not only art and fashion, but also on science.

the Unbridled talent Given if closely even in a huge exhibition hall — self-portrait on crutches-props out on the street. In Russia for the first time from 180 paintings, who was turned into a brand, even his moustache.

“In all the dressing rooms lay variety pack with shorn from the back of the head hair. And every day he took the hair and increasing your mustache with special wax to the size considered most suitable for publication,” — says Vladimir Voronchenko, Chairman of the Board of the cultural-historical Fund “Link of times”, Director of the Faberge Museum.

the twentieth century was the art scene of Salvador Dali. It is erected in a cult, or descending into the abyss, wondering whether he was a genius of the paradoxes or mock character. The self-proclaimed Emperor of surrealism invented the paranoiac-critical method. Was hardly to have Given a better compliment, than a remark of Freud: “He’s a real fanatic.”

When in 1917 the young Dali on the coast wrote the first film, from Moscow to Paris was leaving Elena Dyakonova. A decade later they were destined to meet to become lovers, spouses, business partners. Gala — angel of balance. Gala everywhere. And here is “Dali from the back, writing Gala from the back”, or “Given, lift the surface of the Mediterranean sea to show gala the birth of Venus”.

“He asked her to read it in Russian, when he was engaged in painting. Her voice utters strange words, the sound of the Russian language — all this is very inspired,” says Mons ager, curator of the exhibitionawka, the Director of the Dali museums and the heritage Centre, Gave the Fund “Gala — Salvador Dali”.

Shaken by the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he blasts the art “nuclear mysticism”. Keen on stereoscopic experiments, for example, “50 abstract paintings by folding at a distance of two meters in the three portraits of Lenin as a Chinese, and from six yards turning into the head of a Royal tiger.”

“It is amazingly important that you can see so many different Gave, quite rare works, so many graphics that it is difficult to see,” — said Marina Loshak, Director of the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin.

“For those, who loves and tries to understand the talent of a madman, this is a unique opportunity,” says Dmitry Peskov, press Secretary of the Russian President.

“it’s Hard to attract attention even briefly. I indulged in this occupation every day and hour. I had a motto: the main thing — let’s say Gave. At worst, let him speak good,” thought the artist.

And this exhibition is the occasion to talk about the Salvador Dali — a pathologically shy boy who became the master of the outrageous and the rock star of art.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”