Last week, Rob Schiffer (and Weston Fazzino) delivered many packages to their homes

Sometimes, being a policeman means delivering packages.

It worked for Weston Fazzino and Rob Schiffer, officers with Lakeville Police Department in Lakeville Massachusetts.

Last week, officers stopped by many homes with a pleasant surprise. They had their Amazon packages which had been left on the side road.


Fox News reported that Schiffer responded to a call on Dec. 8 regarding several Amazon packages left unattended.

Schiffer arrived at the location where the packages had been left and said that he didn’t see any Amazon drivers in the area so he loaded up the items into his vehicle.

According to the Lakeville Police Department Blog, Schiffer, Fazzino tried to find an Amazon driver to deliver the items to them, but failed.

Schiffer stated that there were only eight to ten people in the area. They’re all within our immediate vicinity and we weren’t too busy that morning so I decided I would just take it upon me and deliver them.” Fox News reported Schiffer.

Schiffer stated that the typical response to lost packages would be to either bring them back to station or contact the intended recipients.

Schiffer stated, “I thought if I just delivered the packages, take an hour off of my day, people will receive the packages in a relatively fast fashion like they were expecting them be delivered.” I figured it would be the easiest route, and people were very happy with it.

Schiffer stated that many people were “pretty stunned” and “kinda nervous” to have a police officer knock on their doors.

Schiffer explained that he was shipping a package that looked like it had fallen off an Amazon truck. He said that people were very grateful.

Schiffer said, “It’s usually not a bad thing when police come to your home.” “Sometimes it’s a positive thing…it’s not always bad when you deal with the police.”

Schiffer said that Amazon reached out to the police to get more information on the lost packages. Schiffer stated that the company is currently investigating the incident but it does not appear to have been intentionally.

Matthew Perkins, Chief of Police, thanked Schiffer & Fazzino in a statement posted on the blog.

Perkins stated that Officers Schiffer, Fazzino exemplified the best of what it means to serve your community yesterday by going out of their way and ensuring that the packages reached their intended recipients. Their actions are a testament to their character and I commend them for representing Lakeville Police Department in such thoughtful ways.”