Marina Prusakova: why the widow of the killer of Kennedy does not believe in his guilt

Biography of Marina Prusakova 17/01/20: why the widow of the killer of Kennedy does not believe in his guilt

Despite the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald himself was murdered two days after the death of American President John Kennedy, he is still considered one of the main suspects in this case. And with the evidence base, investigators helped the wife of Oswald, a native of the USSR Marina Prusakova, who was convinced that her husband shot JFK. Later she changed her mind and now over half a century living in constant fear.

Married to an American

Marina Nikolaevna Prusakova was born in 1941 in the town of Molotovsk (today Severodvinsk). There’s also a Marina spent her childhood and youth. After school, she moved to Minsk, where lived her uncle, Ilya Prusakov, and his wife, Valentina. The couple never had any children, so Marina to some extent has replaced their daughter. It is noteworthy that Ilya Prusakov served in the interior Ministry. This fact the author of the book “13 biographies – the script of the tragedy” Vladimir Kuchin, believes is not accidental. Subsequently, much of this history began to seem suspicious and the Marina Prusakova. However, while she was working in a pharmacy, and on weekends, go to dances.

As Leonid Mlechin writes in his book “Christine+Sergey=death. Love under the supervision of the KGB”, it is the dance Prusakova met Lee Harvey Oswald. Shortly before this meeting American emigrated from the United States to the Soviet Union. Soviet authorities sent Oswald away from the capital, Minsk, has provided jobs at a local factory and housing. Harvey was the ultimate catch. So Marina did not hesitate to marry him. Soon the couple had a daughter June. And next 1962, the Oswalds flew to America.

Life in America and the Kennedy assassination

the Family settled in Texas, where Marina Prusakova gave birth to a second daughter, Rachel. According to the author of the book “the Murder of Presidentcient Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer or the victim of a conspiracy?”, Nikolai Platoshkin, Prusakova was in awe of America and would not want to return home. Marina was not scared of any financial difficulties or the lack of their own homes. Prusakova lived with the children at the home of her new friend, Ruth Paine, near Dallas, where Oswald found a job and rented a room.

due To the fact that the couple recently actually living under the same roof, Prusakova learned that her husband was arrested on suspicion of the murder of President John F. Kennedy through the media. What Marina showed investigators the spot where Oswald kept his rifle. Moreover, even after 14 years after the crime in one of the press conferences Prusakov said that no doubt as to the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald. But later she changed her mind.

“I want to let go of his past”

In 2013, in an interview with the New York Post documentary filmmaker Kay Morgan, which maintains friendly relations with Marina Prusakova, said that she now believes in the guilt of Oswald. According to Prusakova, reading some materials on the case of her husband, she noticed a lot of contradictions and doubts that Oswald killed President Kennedy. Since then, Marina Prusakova began to fear for his life.

She got married, changed his name to porter, and acquired the American citizenship, but the fear did not leave her to this day: she’s absolutely convinced that she was being watched and her phone tapped. For over half a century Marina porter leads a reclusive lifestyle, rarely appears in public and almost never gives interviews. 50 year anniversary of JFK assassination TV people suggested Prusakova $3 million dollars for shooting, but she refused even this offer.

the Current husband of Marina, Kenneth porter, is limited to a modest review of what they are trying to forget what happened in November 1963. This is confirmed by the fact that 6 years ago Prusakova sold at auction wedding ring Oswald, which he left on the dresser before you leave, for $108 thousand Marina supplied ring cover note. “I want to let go of his past” she wrote.

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