Maria Ulyanova: mysteries biographies of Lenin's mother

Biography 29/12/19 Maria Ulyanova: mysteries biographies of Lenin’s mother

the Mother of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – Ulyanov Maria died a year before that moment, as her son put into practice the idea of Russia in overthrow of the Imperial regime and the establishment of the first socialist state in the world. Soviet historians engaged in describing the biography of this woman, because of some political reasons, made public, not all the facts of her interesting past.

officials of the Kremlin, actively cultivate the myth about the Russian origins of Lenin carefully concealed from the public, that in his veins and even Jewish blood. This component he received from his mother, whose grandfather, according to the data stored in the archives Department of the Lenin library, was baptized in the Orthodox Jew born in the Minsk province.

Engaged in the study of the biography of the leader of the socialist revolution Yulian oksman in the middle of 1920-ies, found among the archival papers of a petition from members of one of the Jewish communities of the exemption from any taxes for the kid with the generic name Form, because he allegedly had an illegitimate son serious the Minsk civil servant.

Comparing the facts, the historian came to the conclusion that this Form is none other than Israel Moyshevich Blank – Santa Maria Ulyanova, which after the change of religion began to be called Alexander Dmitrievich Blank. Together with his father, adopted Orthodoxy and his sons Israel and Abel, who became, respectively, Alexander and Dmitry.

March 6, 1835 in the family of Alexander Alexandrovich Blanca was born the daughter Maria, who is destined to give birth to a son Vladimir, who managed to change the course of Russian and world history.

About the Jewish roots of the mother of Vladimir Ilyich was reported in 1932 to Joseph Stalin, Lenin’s sister Anna Ilyinichna Yelizarova (Ulyanov), clear about the definition of a coroner in the course of GLwiping the family genealogical tree. Pleased by this circumstance, she advised the Secretary to give publicity to this fact in order to prevent the growth of anti-Semitism in the multinational country and show on the example of the brother the benefit of the “mixing of tribes”.

However, Stalin looked at it this way: he forbade Anna Yelizarova mention anywhere about this finding, and archival documents that really led her to the opening, were seized and handed over to the party Central Committee.

His contribution to the mystery of the origin of the Marii ul’yanovoy Blanc, made by the writer Marietta Shaginyan, from the pen of which came several books about Lenin.

found in the archive of the Leningrad region interesting information about the national origin of the grandfather of Vladimir Ilyich on the maternal side, she turned to Leonid Brezhnev for permission to publish this information in the book “Four lessons with Lenin.” But again was refused with the withdrawal of her archival copies of documents, which contained sedition. For this reason, by the way, have lost their jobs, then many employees of the Leningrad archive.

In the post-perestroika period with the filing of the journalist Alexander Kotenev the myth extramarital Affairs Maria Blank of Emperor Alexander III, from a romantic attachment, which came to light her eldest son – Alexander.

According to his version, Lenin’s mother in his youth served as a lady-in-waiting at the Imperial court, where he held her acquaintance with the future ruler of the Russian Empire. Learning about the birth of a son, the Grand Duke Romanov thought about the arrangement later in life mistress, but while he was planning, Maria started a new intimate relationship on the side, and soon gave birth to a daughter Anna.

unrelated to the second child of Alexander III, ordered to remove the maid of honor loving Form away from the Petersburg and hastily marry. As in life, Mary has appeared the teacher of Ilya Ulyanov, who gave her name to all her children, but managed to hide from the stepson of his high originE.

Holding a grudge on the biological father, Alexander Ulyanov joined the ranks of the revolutionary-terrorist organization, and stanol participant in a failed assassination attempt on the Emperor’s father. After failing to avenge the humiliation of his mother, he was executed by hanging, and his brothers and sisters became infected with the idea to overthrow the Emperor to get even with the murderer of a relative.

However, the sensational biography of Maria Blank does not hold water because it is full of inaccuracies.

to Understand them help surveying employees of the Lenin Museum Galina Borodulina, who claimed that the daughter of a doctor-physiotherapist Maria couldn’t serve as a lady-in-waiting at the Imperial court, as belonged to the aristocratic class.

Even assuming that it for some special merits, randomly was it no noble origin, information about it must be recorded in a special book where, starting with 1712, recorded data about all the ladies. However, everyone who applies to these records, can be sure that Maria never no the Form is not served at court.

in addition, fans of conspiracy theories, for some reason, decided to dismiss the fact that the first-born of Maria Ulyanova was not Alexander, and a daughter Anne, born two years earlier of his brother.

This theory completely falls apart with a simple comparison of dates: Maria was born in 1835, and in 1841 left with their parents Petersburg, the next time to appear in it only in 1887. At the time of departure from the capital she was only 6 years old, while her “lilybank” the future Emperor Alexander III wasn’t even born yet – this event happened after 4 years.

No less sensational point of view, relatively low morale and morality of the Marii ul’yanovoy adheres to the historian Akim Arutyunov. According to him, in 1957, being in a working trip to Ulyanovsk, he accidentally met with local veteran, doctor Leonid Evgrafovich, abolishessmiling in the conversation about what true father of Vladimir Lenin was a certain Ivan Pokrovsky, who lived in their family rights family doctor.

as evidence of the soundness of this version Arutyunov results in the entry discovered during the work in the Central Museum of V. I. Lenin.

It’s there that the diploma of the leader of the world proletariat, showing that the ends they of the Imperial St. Petersburg University. That’s just in the first column, denoting the owner, is a curious record, “Ivanov Vladimir Ulyanov”, which crossed out the second word, and above it is the amendment “Eleny”.

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