Making men's fists so big

Another 29/01/20 making men’s fists so big

Fists were anciently one of the symbols of male strength and power. In Russia, the athlete with strong hands and iron grip was always feared by enemies and admired by other dogs. What factors affect the size of a fist?

Genetic factors

the Size of a fist in the vast majority of cases correlated with the overall size and weight. Scientists from Brozovskogo Institute USA in 2007 conducted a large-scale study on the relationship of the genetic set of the person and his dimensions.

In total, the scientists analyzed several open databases containing information about DNA and physical parameters of at least 35 thousand people. The study showed that the variability of the size (total mass, length and width) of the extremities, including the arms and hands, caused by changes in the gene HMGA2.

the Americans came to the conclusion that a person inherits two copies of the gene – one from each parent. It turned out that the formation of the limbs directly influenced by which of the nucleotides – cytosine, or thymine – will be in the specific area of HMGA2. One in two copies in key areas contains cytosine, has larger limbs compared to those who have in the genetic code densely settled thymine.

In turn, research by Western scientists in the framework of the scientific research GIANT found that for the value of including the hand and arm meet about 400 genomes. The results of the study were first published in October 2014 in the influential journal of biology Nature Genetics.

In the course of the analysis and systematization of data of more than 250 thousand people, the researchers found that one of these genes is mTOR involved in cell growth sections of the body and the metabolism of collagen the basis of connective tissue in the body.


Each of the genes separately rather poorly vleet on the size of the man, but together they exert a decisive influence on the growth of the limbs. The genetic code can change, among other things, depending on the person’s lifestyle, predisposition to bad habits, said biologist Andrew wood from the UK’s University of Exeter.

While it has long been observed that the appearance of the male brush has a definite influence of his activities. Representatives of creative and intellectual professions are more subtle, refined hand. Those who are engaged in heavy labor requiring physical strength, has strong hands and massive fists.

Especially notable is the contrast in the modern information era and the dominant in the economy the service sector. In the industrial era has been widely circulated manual labor, now men more time to work on the computer where the massive arms are no longer needed. On the contrary – to knock on the keyboard much more comfortable small finger.

However, there were those who put the size of fists in dependence on climate. So, a group of researchers from the University of Tennessee stated that in a warm environment a human hand less. While the inhabitants of cold climates have larger limbs that supposedly allows them to better tolerate adverse weather conditions.

body Type

the Size of men’s fists connected with his type of physique. There are three types – astenik, normostenik and hypersthenic. The first has thin and long arms, small hands. The fist second measure massive, and the largest – giperstenikov. Their brushes are usually dense and massive, and the size of a fist more than the other body types.

the size of the brush clearly tells the width of the wrist: astenikov it is 18 inches in girth, normostenikov 20, giperstenikov more than 20. As a rule, the width of the palm, on average, two inches more than the width Zapatista with internal or external side of the arm. The density of the body adds gipersteniki fistth mass and volume, whereas a “sophisticated” options astenika make the width of his fist excluding thumb almost identical to the width of the wrist.

Thus, the formation of the fist mass largely influenced by genetics and the human Constitution. However, nature always strives for harmonious creations: delicate hand of astenika hardly would look presentable with huge fists, while the little brush of gipersteniki not added to the beauty of his massive hands.

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