The economy of The German tire manufacturer and supplier of automotive components, Continental has a savings program that was announced, which from 2023 onwards, each year, for up to 500 million euros in savings, as it should be. This is accomplished by the elimination of jobs and closing of plants.

From a total of 20,000 of the 244.000 jobs worldwide will be affected by the “transformations”, which is at 2029 should have completed.

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It’s going to be jobs to go to, but also to the employees who are transferred to other sites of the group, or of a different range of tasks to receive, according to Continental, in a press release.

This is in response to the global decline in automotive production” and “increasing demand from clients for digital solutions”. The “add to portfolio”) of the company will be expanded in the coming years, it will lead to a new job, sounds like it’s still there. The increase in cost and decrease in sales, led in August to a reduction of the jaarprognose.