The sweet sentiment was shared by the mailman on Facebook.

A touching delivery from a mailman to a child who has lost her father.

The Leicester, England-based mail carrier did not reveal his identity. He used Facebook to locate the return address of a letter that was written by a little girl to her “dad in Heaven.”

He shared a photo that showed the envelope with the sweet message sent to Father’s Day.

“Earlier today, I emptyied the red pillarbox on Bewicke Road (junc. “Earlier today I emptied the red pillar box on Bewicke Road (junc.

He said, “I’m trying find the parents of this child as I would love to reach out and get their permission to do a little thing for them.”

The mail carrier shared with us that he had lost his father.

He wrote, “…and as a adult found it so difficult so I can only imagine what the child is going through,” and asked for help in returning the letter.

After the heartfelt query was answered by the mail carrier, Sarah Tully, the mother of the child, the carrier got in touch with Sarah Tully who began receiving an influx on Facebook tags.

“My phone was pinging. It was there, I discovered when I opened Facebook. It was shocking. I told my daughter, “Oh my God, that’s Sianna” Tully said on FOX News.

Tully stated that Sianna had been writing letters to her father (who died at four months old) and sharing photos of holidays such as Father’s Day and birthdays since she was able to write.

“She is just beginning to grasp it all. She was only a baby. Tully stated that there are many pictures for her to see him.”

Sianna asked her mother about her father so she could continue writing sweet holiday messages. Tully replied that Heaven was on Cloud Nine, LeicestershireLive reported.

People quickly shared their support via Facebook comments, applauding the kindness and sharing it with others.

One commenter wrote, “Beautiful reading – I lost dad unexpectedly last month.”

Another commenter said, “What a touching post to remind us to remember dads who aren’t there… and to love him and appreciate him while they are here.”

Tully, who got the letter back, stated that she would continue the sweet exchange with Sianna when Sianna turns older.