Mahatma Lenin: why the Tibetan sages, the so-called leader of the revolution

History 23/01/20 Mahatma Lenin: why the Tibetan sages, the so-called leader of the revolution

In 1926 Nicholas Roerich brought back from his Asian expedition message of the Himalayan sages, who were called Mahatmas. From Sanskrit, the ancient literary language of India, this word is translated as “great soul”. The message of Himalayan admired the achievements of the Bolsheviks and they predicted even greater things.

Mahatma Lenin

According to research by the biographer of the Roerich family, Paul Belikov, in the Himalayan mountains, Nicholas Roerich came in contact with a group of sages and Mahatmas. They gave him a letter for the Soviet rulers, and placed his small chest. Inside the casket was the sacred land of the Himalaya, which had to be put on the grave of “our brother Mahatma Lenin.” In 1926 Roerich was interrupted by the Asian expedition and arrived in Moscow. In the capital, he handed the casket to the people’s Commissar for foreign Affairs Georgy Chicherin.

it is believed that the meeting with the sages and was the main purpose of the expedition of Nicholas Roerich’s what he told the Soviet Ambassador in Berlin, Nikolay Krestinsky. The conversation itself was recorded and sent to Moscow. Communication with Mahatma Roerich was mentioned in correspondence with U.S. President Roosevelt.

the text of the letter

In the first lines of the message of the Himalayan sages informed the Bolsheviks that they know about the events that occurred in the Soviet Union: “You abolished the Church, became a hotbed of lies and superstition. You have destroyed the petty bourgeoisie, which has become a conduit of prejudice. You destroyed prison education. You destroyed the family of hypocrisy. You have burned the army of slaves. You crushed the spiders of greed. You closed the gates the night dens. You have saved Earth from the traitors of cash. You recognized that religion is a doctrine of the comprehensive matter. You recognized the insignificance of personal property. You guessed it the evolution of the community…”.

Mahatma wrote that they themselves stopped the revolt in India against the British, as it was hasty. The sages write: “…we recognized the timeliness of Your movement and send you all our help, claiming the unity of Asia! Know, a build will be done in years 28-31-36. Hi all, seeking the common good!”

Biographer Paul Belikov believes that the message of the Himalayas is not so much an endorsement of Soviet policy, as the program to build the perfect, in the opinion of the wise men of the state. The Soviet leaders did not admit the appeal brought by Roerich, and refused to accept the letter, the text of which is published in the journal “international life” only in 1965.

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