Maarten Heijmans wants to in interviews, would prefer to not have his personal life to have. As an actor, his love life and asked me that he don’t want to. The traveller will find that he is in the privacy of his / her partner that would be, of course).

“no, No, I don’t currently have a relationship. I’m would prefer to not have my personal life in interviews. In the first place, because it is in the privacy of someone else’s mind breaking. And I also think it’s not very interesting to my relations and to share them with people I don’t know,” said the actor in conversation with the TOUR.

the Traveller, well known for roles in, among others, Life, Chuck, and The TV in the Canteen, will also be aware not to participate in programs such as Expedition Robinson, or anyone Who is the Mole?. “Then I can only but myself, and that’s why I have this job I’ve chosen. Friends and family say I’m not crazy about is that I’m not on Who is the Mole? want to do with it,” said the 36-year-old actor.

“It seems to me to be such a hassle with that camera all the time, and I think that I am not a nice person and student.”