Lori Loughlin the court, in its case about bribery, asked for the charges to be dropped. The actress and her husband on the allegations of the plaintiffs, through their attorneys ‘excessive’ conduct, reports the New York Post on Thursday.

one of the stand-up comedy, Full House, well-known actress, and her husband, an actor, Mossimo Giannulli, is to be accused of bribery. They would be $ 500,000 (approximately 449.000 euros) to have paid for it with their daughters, Bella (21) and Olivia Jade (20) to be admitted to the university.

According to Loughlin’s lawyers would be having a client and have been forced to make by means of false representations in the matter. Moreover, the evidence that the quality of the acteursechtpaar show, are ignored.

Loughlin could lead to a prison sentence of up to twenty years to be sentenced by the court. Her sister Felicity Huffman was in the same case, condemned to two weeks ‘ imprisonment for bank fraud.

in The case of Louglin, and Giannulli should be out in October. Because of the corruption-scandal, it was Loughlin series When Calls The Heart is cut out.