Looking at sack Lunches for students of Novosibirsk — expectation and reality

In the Novosibirsk region has started to give out food packages for students from low-income families and students with special needs and children with disabilities.

the First field rations parents started to this Friday, April 24. Reader NGS Catherine said that the problems with getting a set was not — information, which class and what time gets their food packages, threw in a cool chat.

— We have a large family. Student one. The order of the Minister the volume of products for children that studied in five days, two times more than we were given. Although the list until April 30, and we were given a piece of paper April 21. It may be the second part of the food basket, although we did not say anything. For those who have children with disabilities, food packages were larger. But they have food twice a day in school. And so, everything was fine. The crowd was not quiet fit parents sign and take packages. Before the entrance there is markings in stock and for antiseptic treatment of hands, the principal and the teacher give out the sets, both wearing masks, all civilized, — says the reader NGS.