The board of directors of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) Berlin has been targeted by the police in connection with falsified statements in corona test centers.

A spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor said on Tuesday that proceedings had been initiated at the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) on suspicion of infidelity. “Spiegel TV” had previously reported about it.

The public prosecutor’s office is still pending an examination of whether there is actually an initial suspicion and against whom this is specifically directed, said spokesman Sebastian Büchner. The KV said: The board of directors “strongly rejects” the accusation of infidelity.

The association found out about the proceedings at the LKA from the media. “Since we do not know the current situation, KV Berlin cannot comment on this,” said spokeswoman Dörthe Arnold.

“Since the billing of test centers began in spring 2021, KV Berlin has worked closely with the Berlin investigative authorities and has done everything to help uncover fraudulent test center operators and avert damage,” it said. The spokeswoman announced a further statement as soon as more information is available.

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The KV is also responsible for billing the test centers during the corona pandemic. According to its own statements, KV Berlin paid out more than 400 million euros in tax money by the end of 2021, as Bettina Gaber from the board said in the report by “Spiegel TV”.

3.5 percent of the amount paid out remains with KV as profit. “We manage public funds and our pressure to find black sheep is just as there as with other authorities,” Gaber explained in front of the camera.

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According to the police, there are more than 380 investigations in Berlin alone. According to the “Spiegel” research, the KV has not informed the police of any cases in which there was a suspicion of fraud. At peak times there were around 1,500 corona test centers in Berlin.