Uefa Champions League-Gent and Genk, belgium. A lot of different towns and cities, not by name. However, the two Liverpool fans as they have never been more confused.

The team went to Belgium for the match Genk-north wales, but it ended up in Ghent, belgium. Thirty minutes prior to the match, they found their most critical error. They are paid 150 euro for a train, and $ 70 for a ticket to the game to watch… on tv. The other guests in the Irish pub, The Celtic Towers, Sint-Michielshelling were able to have a good laugh about it. Thankfully, lit up with the 1-4 win against the pain.

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Maybe it was a mistake by the social media team at Rome, however, on the basis of an error of the Liverpool fans around the world. Immediately after the Champions League draw is reported by the Italians, is that they are sub-divided into a group with the city, but that was, of course, Belgium. The Buffalo responded, there was a game on it.