Centrum, The English ex-champion, Norman Stannard of Aarschot, died Saturday at the age of 96. His body was found by a friend of mine, who for him came to get to go to a liturgy, to leave for the citadel of Diest. There was the anniversary of the Liberation of the 75 years old will take place.At the memorial, was a Norman, a guest of honor. He should be honored for his struggle and effort. Norman was, after the war, the love is in the Centrum. He remained there for his entire life to live.

“We would be Norman’s normal in an old Car let them ride with him, and that he would be met by soldiers in traditional British costumes,” explains Nico Creces on our liberation is increasing. “He would be honored to be. This is a major disappointment for us. We will have a moment of silence was held for him in an appropriate way to commemorate him.”

Nothing like that in Norman, it wouldn’t pick up. “It was last week, still a little sick, but nothing to be alarmed about,” says Fred was in The Budget that, to him, Saturday morning, wanted to pick up, and to him, death was to be found. “It was a very pleasant person, and was still spry for his age. When I joined him on a visit, he, his medals and the photos are spontaneous, are. His wife has already died, in 1975, and since then, he has always remained the same. He walked a lot and sat for a long time Strijdersvereniging. Eight years ago he moved to a assistentiewoning.”