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When talking about Lithuania’s participation in the Second World war, as a rule, think of the collaborators who actively collaborated with the Nazi occupation authorities, and setclassification, carrying out punitive actions by order of the Nazis. This, of course, true. But, fortunately, not all. Among the Lithuanians were the real heroes, anti-fascists, who spared his life in the struggle with the invaders. Among them – Marita Melnikaite.

Of batracer in Komsomolskaya Pravda

Marita was born in 1923 in the town of Zarasai. Her father was a practicing Catholic, and she received the appropriate strict upbringing. Was industrious and humble. The family was poor, his father worked at the plant, and the young Marita 14 years had to work as adults. She was a farmhand, a laborer at a candy factory. When Lithuania became part of the USSR, parents, Marita was among those who welcomed the new government. The girl got the opportunity to learn, joined the young Communist League.


With the outbreak of war, Marita was evacuated together with other Komsomol and party activists, after all, under the rule of Germans was waiting for her imminent death. The evacuation place Marite was Tyumen. Here hardworking Lithuanian began to work at two factories. On machine-tool enterprise “Mechanic” she was a pupil of Turner, and in the Tyumen candy factory in the packing plant wrapped the chocolate and put it in rations for the pilots.

But the work in the rear, even on very important for the front sections, Marita was not enough. She really wanted to the front to fight with fascists. The girl wrote a letter to the draft Board. And was assigned to the Gorky oblast. There, on the banks of the Volga, was the formation of the national Baltic divisions. The soldiers of these divisions were supposed to belong to the titular nation of one of the Baltic republic – Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. The Soviet command wanted a way to put an end to Nazi propaganda, proving that the Soviet government does not apply to the new republics as colonies, and the inhabitants of these republics, along with the entire Soviet people fighting against fascism.

However, Marita was not sent to the front. After talking with a young Lithuanian, the command transferred her to the Balakhna to study at the intelligence school. Here she received a specialty of a bomber.

In occupied territory

Marita returned to their homeland, their beloved Lithuania. But not alone, she was with a group of 36 young people, the Lithuanian Komsomol is prepared to fight in the Nazi rear. The troop got the name of Kestutis (kiejstut), a national hero of Lithuania.

the Brave guerrillas blew up a railway track, sending derailed trains with ammunition and food to the Nazis, burned the farms and estates that housed the headquarters of the Nazis, attacked the garrisons, guarding food warehouses of the Germans. In Lithuania and in the bordering areas of Lithuania and Belarus in the spring and summer of 1943 with a squad of behalf of Kestutis Germans had no day of rest. In addition, Marita campaigning among residents of villages and hamlets. In a simple peasant dress, her shawl, she appeared here and there, and talked about what gave the Soviet radio, which wrote in the Soviet press. “The Germans were defeated near Moscow!”, “The Soviet army is coming!” — with such tidings she came to the people, opening their eyes to the true situation at the front.

the Last battle and the death of Marite

In July 1943, the group Melnikaite to Dūkštas derailed a train with ammunition and fresh troops, which moved in the direction of Leningrad. After completing the task, the guerrillas returned to her, but ran into a squad of executioners. To help the policemen pulled up reinforcements, in the Bush, where entrenched partisans opened fire from armored vehicles. Soon almost all the guerrillas were killed, Marita were shot alone. When pAtronach was over, the girl was thrown into the advancing enemy grenade. The second she had intended to blow himself up. But it didn’t work, one of the executioners managed to snatch the grenade from the hand wounded in the battle of the girl.

the Germans Marita was subjected to terrible torture. She pulled out the nails, red-hot iron burned my feet, she was beaten with a whip, but it is not revealed to the enemy the location of the unit. The abuse lasted for several days. The girl held firmly. According to witnesses, she could even whip one of the executioners in the face, saying, “You are all pathetic. Only to torture and know how! I’m not afraid of death, you don’t know.”

Finally, realizing that the brave women they still will achieve nothing, the Germans brought Marita to death. The people were driven, that they witnessed this edifying spectacle – the massacre of the guerrilla, told me that Marita was scary to watch. She was all gray, barely moved on the burnt, covered in black bruises the legs, white shirt was covered in blood. But on the edge of the grave Marita kept it all so courageously and boldly. She said:

I fought and died for Soviet Lithuania! Why did you come here, fascist dogs? Long live Soviet Lithuania!

In 1944, Marita Iozone Melnikaite was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Olga Melnikova

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