The accident, which is today in the south of Brittany, in the west of France, is a Belgian F-16’s to take, isn’t it eerste.De the F-16 in 1979, in the service of the Belgian armed forces. In the course of the years, went on dozens of aircraft lost. Several pilots have lost their lives. The F-16’s were at one time used the 160 copies on order. One fighter jet costs at least 10 million euros. The maintenance of the fleet and annual costs of at least eur 50 million.

28/7/1980 : the Pilot can cope with a seat in the Obaix-Buzet < / b>, After the engine of an F-16 goes down in the Obaix-Buzet, the pilot is going to get out of his seat.

12/03/1981 : the Pilot is killed in crash of F-16 in Ville-du-Bois < / b>, Due to a technical defect, crash of an F-16 in Ville-du-Bois, near Vielsalm in the belgian province of Luxembourg. The pilot is killed.

22/10/1981: : an F-16 crashes in Soumoy, after the engine stops, the pilot can manage.

19/01/1982 : the Pilot is killed in a collision between two F-16s on top of Wavreille
Two F-16’s collide with each other over Wavreille, near the town of Rochefort, in the province of Namur. The lieutenant-colonel of the one plane to control, it can be seat use, and to survive the accident, but the captain of the other unit to live in.

10/5/1983: of the engine of an F-16 explodes at Beauvechain.
The engine of the plane exploded on take-off,the pilot was able to reddenmet to his seat.

10/11/1983 : Two F-16’s, FA41, and FA07, can come up Opont, Belgium in collision with each other.