Jared Goff has understood he’d be a part of this Detroit Lions for nearly two weeks, and on Friday, during his first news conference with his new group, the quarterback stated being traded has left him with a few additional motivation.

Goff was delivered to Detroit from the Los Angeles Rams Alongside a third-round selection in 2021 and first-round selections in 2022 and 2023 for Matthew Stafford. Plus it was something that he took .

“I think in the beginning, absolutely. I believe that it assembles that chip in your shoulder just a little bit,” Goff said. “I will not lie about that. There’s that little additional motivation and processor you do sense, and , I am quite grateful for all of my time , but yeah, you really do believe that.

Goff, 26, the No. 1 overall choice in the 2016 draft from the Rams, had begun all 69 matches that he appeared in for them. And today he is in Detroit less than three decades then.

It is going to be the very first time Goff plays out California, having grown up at the country before playing Cal and then being drafted by the Rams. He’s spent the last week at Detroit getting to know the town and called it eye-opening while also being eager to begin in a new town.

“It is something that I never knew I had until today, and you sort of come out and you encounter it. … I went downtown for dinner twice this week, also that I did not know a lot about Detroit until lately, and being down [I saw] that the stadiums are about precisely the exact same block and that which is actually close.

“It’s a sports city, and having the ability to play at a sports city is unique. It is something which I am excited about. I know soccer is king , and I intend to make it a winner”

Lions general manager Brad Holmes, that had been part of this team which advocated selecting Goff at 2016 if Holmes was the Rams’ director of college scouting, said he felt great about trading for Goff and the strategy is right for him to be the team’s beginning.

Holmes explained that will not necessarily alter how Detroit perspectives the No. 7 pick in the draft this spring — which you can not dismiss any place, and whether the value is that there he’d think about it. But he anticipates Goff to be the starter in the brief term .

“Section of the reimbursement we obtained in the transaction, I understand a great deal of individuals discuss the selections, but a good deal of it was Jared, only the simple fact that having the ability to get Jared,” Holmes stated. “That is the part that occasionally gets sort of, I do not wish to say has dropped, but OK, the third-round select and 2 1s, but to possess Jared.

He is an established winner. He to compete for the starting quarterback position and also winning the starting quarterback position, you understand, I certainly expect him to regain that standing.”

Goff took that seriously also.

Rather, he sees himself as a player who can assist the Lions immediately once they have had three consecutive losing seasons.

“I understand you men might want to say rebuild, but to me it is not a reconstruct. I believe that the bits are there and that I believe I am a large part of this. You said Jamaal [Williams], a few of the pieces we have added, a few of the men which are here, the line is clearly a power.

“It is all there. There is still a great deal of difficult work to be performed, and that is the challenge I believe is the most exciting. … The tough work and how great it will feel to place that work in and come out the other side for a winner, and also to win matches with a group that has not done it previously.”