This actor is clearly not afraid to laugh at herself.

Lindsay Lohan confronts her past in a hilarious Super Bowl ad.

Lohan is seen taking part in a bike class in the “judgement-free zone” at Planet Fitness in this 30-second spot.

The narrator begins to say that people are curious , and then the class joins in and asks, “What’s Lindsay?” in unison.

The ad continues, with Lohan’s narrator stating that Lohan “never been sharper”. He then pans to a scene in which Lohan wins an episode of “Jeopardy!” Dennis Rodman is a competitor.

The ad shifts to Lohan asleep as the narrator states, “She’s sleeping more than ever, which isn’t what the paparazzi are thrilled about.” A group of photographers then cry because they can’t get any good shots of Lohan.

Danny Trejo, actor, also appears in the commercial. Lohan is seen adding bling to his ankle-monitoring device.

The narrator states that “She is even more productive, trading DUIs to DIYs.”

“The verdict is …,” Lohan declares. Trejo turns to the camera and exclaims, “Gorgeous.”

Another celebrity guest star, William Shatner, appears at the end and suggests that Lohan has a more stable life because of Planet Fitness.

Lohan comes by to greet him and says “Maybe it isn’t what’s gotten Lindsay into; it’s what Lindsay’s gotten into.”

Lohan stated that exercising is one of her favourite activities in a interview with People.

Exercise is an important part of my daily life. She said that exercise brings balance to my life, which she loves.

Planet Fitness was also mentioned by the actor as a natural partnership.

“Planet Fitness promotes all I want in fitness. It’s inclusive, fun, and promotes safe exercise. She said that she is proud to be part of something that encourages everyone to make time for their health and well-being.

The star was delighted to have the chance to poke fun at her past partying and show how she has matured.

Lohan stated, “It was refreshingly to put my past behind me once and for all and to share with people my current life,”

What is the star’s exercise routine? She loves to stay hydrated, eat well, run on the treadmill, and do some “squats and crunches” and stretching.

She said, “I am also very passionate about skin care so I always make time for it.”