Like any generals most abused Marshal Zhukov

History 12/01/20 As any generals most abused Marshal Zhukov

we are not Talking about Zhukov’s subordinates. Those almost all, without exception, ever came under the harsh wrath of the famous warlord. And the usual style of Zhukov as noted Marshal Eremenko, was always a threat to be court-martialled, shot, etc.

But the brutal overbearing reprimands were common in the red Army, especially in the great Patriotic war, and they had the character not so much of criticism for mistakes, how much stimulating activity. Moreover, the bugs there were not some exceptions. Exceptions were those who never practiced or resorted to such measures “moral influence” rarely, like Konstantin Rokossovsky.

Therefore, interest is the criticism of Zhukov about commanders of his own rank and after the war, based on the analysis of events.

meanwhile, the establishment of this evaluation is quite difficult. In the official edition of “Memories and reflections” Marshal could not be overlooked unflattering remarks about various Soviet generals also fought in the war. Material of this kind can give only records personal conversations with Zhukov, writer Konstantin Simonov – famous Soviet apocryphal source of the great Patriotic war. Although there I have to say, the Marshal was generous personal ratings.

the pre-war marshals of the red army

a Large share of personal responsibility for the unpreparedness of the Soviet armed forces by the beginning of the great Patriotic war, Zhukov was assigned to Kliment Voroshilov. In may 1940, Marshal Voroshilov was removed from the post of people’s Commissar of defense, but he continued to lead the defence Committee of the CPC and to have a big impact on defence policy. Zhukov emphasized the blatant incompetence of Voroshilov and told a case of times until 1937, when Tukhachevsky, sDeputy people’s Commissar of defense, allowed himself such remarks against his boss.

— the Board cannot accept your amendment (it was about the amendments to the Field manual), because he considers them incompetent, comrade Commissar.

In the first half of 1941 Zhukov, who served as chief of the General Staff, handed over to the Defence Committee a plan for the production of ammunition. Voroshilov during the month did not consider this plan and turned to him only after the personal intervention of Stalin.

Negative attitude bugs and the next “pillar” of the Civil war – Marshal Budyonny. He describes the moment in early October 1941, Stalin summoned Zhukov to him from Leningrad. Then the Germans broke through the front and were surrounded by Soviet forces at Vyazma. “Speaking to me, Stalin in the strongest possible terms fiercely scolded the commander of the Western and Bryansk fronts Konev and Eremenko and did not mention the Budenny, who commanded the Reserve front. Apparently believed that this man no longer possible to ask”. Apparent that a negative response was given to Zhukov, Budyonny personally and only assigned them to Stalin.

Speaking about the failure of the troops of the Crimean front in may of 1942, Zhukov called guilty of it, apart from Stalin, above all, the representatives of the Bet Lev Mehlis and Marshal Grigory Kulik. “It was unable reasonably to lead anything”. However, it should be noted that this assessment was in complete accordance with the official, for the Sandpiper during the great Patriotic war it was severely demoted (with the Marshal to major-General), and in 1950 shot. Mehlis Stalin during the war, deprived of trust and stopped sending in leadership positions.

Less well-known warlords

got small things from Zhukov and some other generals. So, he did not fail to mention the incompetence of the commander of the Western front in summer 1941 by Dmitry Pavlov. His front was in the first week surrounded and destroyed by the Germans at Minsk. Pavlov together with carriedhow many colleagues were put on trial a military Tribunal and executed in a month after the war began. About it, Zhukov said, attributing this remark to his conversation with Stalin in October 1941: “it Was well known beforehand what a Pavlov that he had the ceiling of the division commander”.

the Commander of the Crimean front during the defeat at Kerch in may 1942, General Zhukov Dmitry Kozlov called “weak”.

“got” from Zhukov and the Vice-Admiral Vladimir Tributs, commander of the Baltic fleet. Marshal reproached him almost in cowardice and cowardice. “Having arrived to Leningrad (at the beginning of September 1941), I immediately went to the meeting of the military Council, he said Simonov. The sailors discussed the question: in what order them to tear the ships, so they have not got the Germans… They, you know, discussed the issue of mining ships, and on them, on these ships, forty rounds of ammunition. I said to them: “How can mining ships? Yes, they may die. But if so, they should be killed only in battle by shooting””.

In the story Zhukova presents the matter as if only his personal intervention had saved the Baltic fleet about the shameful fate already prepared for him by his commander.

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