Like a wild cat relaxing in the hammocks — 5 photos from Novosibirsk zoo is the envy

In Novosibirsk zoo made seven hammocks for the animals. They will sleep monkeys, Martens and cats.

— For the enrichment of the environment, the hammock was a great subject — rich and simple enough in manufacturing. Hammocks are used in animals not only for sleep and rest: on them it is possible to sharpen claws, it is possible for them to hide, it is possible to shake them, to try to hang and more. The zoo staff doing a variety of hammocks: hanging, frame, hard. They take into account the size of the animal, species peculiarities. Place the hammocks at different heights, and it also depends on the preferences of the animal, — told in group of the Novosibirsk zoo in the social network “Vkontakte”.