Probably such a sentence should not be written at all: But for me, the 17th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” ended with the semi-finals on Thursday. Lieselotte was the only one who didn’t get a photo of Heidi Klum. The 66-year-old candidate from Berlin is out!

What is a and not a sensation makes Twitter and other social media platforms rotate. Do families have to separate because members are at odds? Annoyed, some, outraged the Klum critics (if there are any at all).

In the final, Lieselotte’s statements will clearly be missing: “I just thought of something myself.” big right? Even better than the Noella revenant: “I’ll shave.”

Lieselotte Reznicek was not the only “Best Ager” in this “GNTM” season, there is still Martina (50), who will fight for the title with her daughter Lou-Anne (19) next Thursday. With the premiere of mother-daughter, the diversity requirement is met, Heidi Klum and diversity are so important to care. The model mother also thinks in dynasties. The 48-year-old had her daughter Leni (18) with her as a guest judge.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” wrote Klum senior about her eldest daughter’s appearance on the ProSieben show on Instagram. Leni Klum followed in her mother’s footsteps about a year and a half ago. She had her first modeling job at the end of 2020: together with her mother, she was photographed for the cover and a photo series of the German “Vogue”.

In the coming week, Lou-Anne and Martina will also be fighting 20-year-old Luca from Munich, 21-year-old Anita from Neuburg an der Donau and Noëlla (25) from Berlin for the title of “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

Have there ever been five candidates in the “GNTM” final? I’m sticking with Noella Mbomba now, she comes from Berlin and embodies the attitude of the capital almost as well as Lieselotte. For the next season one thing is certain: How exciting is Berlin, how boring are Munich and the rest of Germany.