Showbiz, “It was obvious that this time we do have should go.” Lien Van de Kelder (36) and her life in Belgium and is temporarily on-hold, to-do list, and traveled with her children and her husband, Hans Herbots (49), to go after him. Who is the director of the next month in Bangkok, as ‘The Serpent’, a new tv show for Netflix, and the BBC. “It was for everyone to adjust, but also and especially for the kids. That will follow a lesson in French and then in English.”

Hans Herbots has been in the us, best known as the director of the series, “The divine monster” and “Missing in action”, but he continues to be the overseas tv contracts in the other thread. After The ‘Spiral’, ‘Rellik’, ” Cobra,’ and ‘the Riviera’ is he now, ‘The Serpent’. Hans was supposed to be for four months, to Bangkok, to move in,” says Lien. “Because he has, over the past two years, even though most of the time abroad for work and only on weekends at home at the time, began to weigh it. Well, on him, on us. It was, therefore, natural that the young ones (in the 4-year-old Victor, a 6-year-old Joan of arc, ed.). and this time I did it would last for. Hans’ eldest daughter, and Cato (21), is currently on release in Mexico and will be in our presence not suffer. Her sister’s Letter (19), traveled with him, to go to Thailand, and will remain at its year start. At christmas, we are back at home. Whether I was in the adventure of ‘the Family’ was written? Well, let’s just say that the disappearance of my character came out well. (laughter)”
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