Left without a job: how to return to normal life those who shouldn't have gained a lot of credit

After the historic fall in oil prices in March, the subsequent devaluation of the ruble and introduction of the isolation in April, many Russians were below the poverty line. Some lost jobs, others part of the earnings. The obligations under the housing loans and the population is not freed, which resulted in the explosive growth of people who have only one thing to declare bankruptcy.

According to the Unified Federal register of information about bankruptcy (EPSB), in 2019 acknowledged the inconsistency more than 120 000 Russians. And in 2020, experts are predicting an increase in bankruptcies by 70%.

Residents of Novosibirsk caught in this debt trap, wondering what to do. Definitely: let it go is impossible. The debtor must solve your issue. And there is a legal way to do this is to declare yourself bankrupt and filing for bankruptcy to write off all the debts. Head of legal practice “Modern defense” in Novosibirsk Julia Wagner answered the most popular questions about bankruptcy.