Lady Gaga’s release of her new album, Chromatica, which is on the 10th april, it would appear, have been postponed. The singer is letting them know that it’s not a good feeling to bring her new music to the public.

“After a lot of thought, I have to make it very difficult, a decision was taken to celebrate the release of Chromatica, to ask,” said the singer, on Tuesday on Instagram.

“I will be known by 2020, and the album is still to appear.”

Lady Gaga and refers to the period of time in which we now live, “wild and scary”. “Even though I feel that art, in this period of time can cause pleasure and healing, it doesn’t feel good to have an album out during this pandemic.”

The Us is the health of the people of this area. “I had a lot of fun things planned, including a secret gig at Coachella. But it is also a lot of other things, which I am still to soon to share with you.”
Lady Gaga released in 2016, and the last album is from the

is The latest album from the American singer, She appeared to be covered by 2016. After that, she was an actress, to be seen in the movie ‘ A Star Is Born. For the soundtrack of the film, the duet Shallow, with Bradley Cooper, she has won an academy award.

Lady Gaga broke down in 2009, with hits such as Just Dance, Poker Face and Paparazzi. She may have had up to now, five albums and achieved great success with songs like Born This Way, Bad Romance, and Telephone.