Handball: VfV needs fans in the Berlin Cup final. The best handball players from Berlin-Spandau can’t get out of the good mood mode. VfV Spandau (1000 people, boss Karen Scholz) recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with Prosecco and all the pipapo. Recently, the women were champions of the Oberliga, which stretches from the Baltic Sea beach to the banks of the Spreewald: In the hall there was La Ola, snappy music, sparkling wine out of a can and a wonderfully good mood – take a look at the video here. And Wednesday is the cup final in Berlin. You remember? Unfortunately, that was postponed ten days ago.

So now the second attempt – on Wednesday, May 18, 8 p.m., in the Horst-Korber-Sportzentrum in the Glockenturmstraße next door in Berlin-Westend. The prices are fair, in the semifinals the tickets only cost 5 euros. I hand over to VfV: “We are playing in the Berlin Cup final against the newly formed third division team from Berliner TSC. As a team, we also want to cause a surprise in the final and crown the successful season with another title.”

And therefore: “We look forward to a lot of support. Let’s create a great atmosphere together and show that we are capable of bringing the trophy to Spandau.” P.S. Here’s the dress motto: “All Spandau in green – with shirt or jersey”.

Handball: VfV needs fans in the relegation battle. The VfV Spandau men also play in the high-class Oberliga Ostsee-Spreewald – and also need support. The men are currently taking part in the relegation round and are last after two games. Next opponent is Lübbenau on May 21st: here all information on hvberlin.de.

P.S.: If you want to see what’s going on for Remmidemmi in the sports hall on Falkenseer Damm, you can watch the VfV fan video – a screenshot below. The fan video is underlaid with the new song by the Spandau band SDP around Vincent Stein and Dag-Alexis Kopplin (went to the Kantgymnasium around the corner).

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Water polo: water friends in the final. The water polo players from Spandau 04 around President Hagen Stamm can dream of the 38th championship since the title premiere in 1979. On Sunday, after the 20:9 semi-final away win at SV Ludwigsburg on Thursday, the Berliners easily won the second leg in the Schöneberg swimming pool with 17:6. In the best-of-five final series, the Berliners meet defending champion Waspo Hannover – on Wednesday. For the eighth time in a row, both clubs are playing the champions, since 2015 the Spandau team have only been able to celebrate twice. daily mirror

Spaki mourns the club host. The Spandau Kickers around Jürgen Pufahl (650 members) mourn the loss of their longtime host from the “Spaki’s Inn” club meeting place in West Staaken, Michael Sorgatz. This was announced by the board. Sorgatz was 60 years old. Many members of the club send their condolences and fondly remember the landlord: “Micha always made our children’s eyes shine anew.” Photo: Facebook.

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