Tunahan Kuzu will leave as a leader of thought. He has the election in 2021, however, a member of the house of representatives, report on Saturday on the Facebook.

now, The politician has his followers on Saturday to let me know that he will not be available if the party leader before the general election.

The 38-year-old Kuzu says that over the last few years, it has experienced as a roller coaster ride. “The down side to me being the face of GUESS, is that it has a significant impact on my personal life,” he writes in the born in Rotterdam, among others.

“over The past period of time, I told myself, to become lost, or that I have the energy and commitment that I have, at the time of the creation of thought, and in the last national campaign, I had to again anyway.”

The co-founder of the THINK of to let you know that he is the answer, it has now been found, and that the decision in question. “My party has to give up the search for a new leader, I also decided to give it a political leadership, and the fractievoorzitterschap to put down.”

Azarkan, take fractievoorzitterschap on < / p> Farid Azarkan, it will fractievoorzitterschap of the Kuzu over it. He is also the new leader is, it is not yet known. “The procedure for the presentation of a new party leader is set by the national executive committee,” says Kuzu.

you can THINK of, it was by Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, in 2015, is being set up, and a year after that, the two politicians are from the Labour party, had been taken. This came after she publicly criticised has been expressed regarding the integration of the partijgenoot, and the then secretary of state for Social Affairs, Lodewijk Asscher.