FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki has called for a parliamentary review of the Corona policy and made it clear that his party will only support possible renewed restrictions in autumn under strict conditions.

“There will not be another autumn and winter in which fundamental rights are restricted due to a diffuse data fog,” said the Bundestag Vice President of the German Press Agency.

In more than two years of the pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute have not been able to collect reasonably usable data, criticized Kubicki. The Free Democrats will only change the Infection Protection Act again in order to make corona restrictions possible again in autumn if the change can be sufficiently scientifically justified.

According to the currently applicable Infection Protection Act, mask requirements are still permitted in a few areas such as medical practices or public transport, and there may still be compulsory tests in schools. In order to be able to order further measures, the federal states must declare regions as hotspots by state parliament resolution.

According to the law, all these rules can only be applied until September 23rd.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) had already spoken out in favor of changing the Infection Protection Act again by autumn so that measures would be possible again. The President of the Teachers’ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, is also in favor of compulsory masks in schools being prescribed again.