Klim Voroshilov: how Soviet Marshal escaped from the Germans in the Great Patriotic

History 30/12/19 Klim Voroshilov: how Soviet Marshal escaped from the Germans in the Great Patriotic

August 26, 1941, during heavy fighting near Leningrad, Luga when the boiler died last hope for salvation of the city in Leningrad went the government delegation, which included V. M. Molotov, G. M. Malenkov, N. G. Kuznetsov, A. N. Kosygin, P. F. Zhigareva, N. N. Voronova, etc. to find out the true state of Affairs in the North-Western front. Unfortunately, neither the Rate in Moscow nor Leningrad did not know that just at this time, the Germans were preparing another devastating blow in the forefront of which was the village of mga.

eyes wide shut

on 17 August 1941 the Stavka Directive No. 001029 command of the North-West had warned about the threat of the encirclement of Leningrad: “…it seems to Us that the commander of the North. — Zap. … not taken any special measures to eliminate this hazard, possible, as the Germans have forces here for a while…”.

the horror of the situation consisted in the fact that neither the command of the northwestern front, nor Bet have not seen the whole picture as a whole, the historian Aleksei Isaev in his book, “A 1941”. In fact, even before the release of this Directive and for a few days before sending in the troops of the Leningrad leaders of the Soviet state, the German General staff took a decision about the transfer of the group of armies “North” of the 39th motorized corps, composed of one Panzer and two motorized divisions.

Arrival at Leningrad such a powerful armored reinforcement radically changed the situation, but still almost a month of Soviet strategists were confident that no large tank formations near Leningrad not. This confidence was based the data found in the map field staff officer of the Wehrmacht, dated 18 Aug. This document was captured by army intelligence during the fighting, and the information contained in it anybody did not cause doubts. Perhaps it was skillfully prepared by the Abwehr misinformation.

Without hope

August 28, when the Commission from Moscow was still in the way, the 121st infantry division of the Wehrmacht knocked Slutsk-Kolpino operational group of General Lazarev from their positions and took Tosno. The next day Stalin GKO decree No. 599сс appointed commander of the Leningrad front, the Marshal Voroshilov.

meanwhile, the enemy on this day, 29 August, was just 8 kilometres from the village of mga is the only junction, which still remained under control of Soviet troops. August 30, MSU attacked the 20th motorized division under General Zorn. Near the village there was not a single chance for salvation, despite the fact that in the battle for the town himself took part of the front commander, Marshal Kliment Voroshilov.

surrounded by enemies

a Renowned commander during the Civil war was appointed Commander of the North-West, on 10 July 1941 and did everything in his power to somehow slow the advance of the enemy, details of which the writer says Nicholas Giants in his fundamental work “Voroshilov”. However, by the end of August, Leningrad was almost blocked.

the Last thread connecting the city with the “big land” was the mga. There Voroshilov waiting for the arrival of special-composition with members of the ICT. Waited, not knowing what they are will bring the order for his arrest or something of the incredible plan of salvation of the dying Leningrad. But at the entrance to the station Commission members found a massive bombardment, and the head of the team ordered everyone to hurry to leave the cars. As it turned out, very timely. A few minutes later and the train, and most stations were broken in pieces.

Around the blazing fire, and later Kosygin told in one interview Daniel Granin, the members of the Commission who hid where. Barely Kuznetsov and Kosygin managed to get to the adjacent tier, and to prove to his commander that he sees members of the government. On the radio was called Leningrad. But what could I do next?

Trooper on the trolley

In a crisis situation Voroshilov takes an incredibly brave decision, in the spirit of a dashing cavalry raids of the Civil war. Since open to get to the station impossible, the delegation had to withdraw secretly, and the mission took it upon myself Kliment. Riding the trolley, he began to manually push it on the narrow-gauge tracks towards the besieged station.

to Take the aid of Voroshilov could not. Extra people would have attracted unnecessary attention, and the seats on the trolley was a little. Having shot many kilometers, sixty-year-old Marshal got to the outskirts of station mga, where sneaking has already qualified members of the Moscow Commission. Placing all on the trolley, the Marshal drove all waiting on undamaged section of the train, where guests were welcomed by Zhdanov.

Voroshilov managed to take a Commission at the last moment, the mga station at that time was occupied by the Germans.

Mistaken not only in GRU

that night the radio interception detecting a dispatch on the 8th corps of the Luftwaffe, according to which a bomber flying after the job on the Mga, saw a strange vehicle object moving spare ways in the direction of Leningrad. This object was a trolley Voroshilov. How to know what would have turned into the war for the Soviet Union if the German pilot was an empty bomb bays?

Marshal goes

September 8, the Germans reached the southern Bank of Ladoga and took Shlisselburg. The blockade began. As he writes in his book “Voroshilov” historian Vladislav Kardashov, three days later, Voroshilov personally with a revolver in hand, led the attack sailors on enemy positions in the red Village. In doing so, the Marshal as if specially called stray bullet… Maybe it was the fact that after the news of the capture of Shlisselburg, on 9 September in the Leningrad flew the new commander — G. K. Zhukov. Say, leaving the city under siege, Voroshilov was crying.

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