Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey (62) has been reported in the UK for sexually assaulting three men. The British public prosecutor’s office (Crown Prosecution Service) said on Thursday in London that there were three cases in London from 2005 and 2008 and one case in the south-west English county of Gloucestershire from 2013.

In one of the cases, he was charged with coercing a person into “penetrative sexual activity,” it said. This is said to have happened in 2008. Allegations of sexual assault and harassment were raised against Spacey in the fall of 2017 in the course of the MeToo debate.

Spacey was already in court in 2019 on charges of indecent assault and assault. He allegedly got an 18-year-old man drunk at a Nantucket restaurant in July 2016 and then touched him indecently. The charges were later dropped.